Weddings in general are a time to rejoice the union of two souls and gorge into good food! South Indian weddings aren’t replete without the lunch being served on the ‘Thalai Vazhai Ilai’ known as the raw banana leaf in English. The large leaf, loaded with delicacies, is a must in every marriage. There are way too many dishes served in a south Indian wedding. Let’s check out the 20 Best South Indian Food served at the wedding for lunch.

1.Rice: No south Indian wedding is complete without Rice. It is one of the foremost food items served for the guests.

2.Sambar: Sambar is yet another important item on the menu. Be it a brinjal sambar or drumstick sambar, it complements the rice very well. The rice and sambar are mixed well before consuming.

3.Bisibelabath: Bisibelabath, a dish that originated from Karnataka, is similar to sambar rice in taste but served mixed with rice unlike the sambar rice where guests need to mix the rice and sambar.

4.Vegetable Biriyani: Vegetable biriyani, which comprises a lot of veggies, also find an indomitable place in the wedding lunch menu.

5.Aviyal: Aviyal is a dish from Kerala. What makes aviyal unique is that almost all vegetables are used in it such as drumsticks, carrots, beans, etc.

6.Poriyal: Poriyal is a side dish that goes well with the sambar rice or bisibelabath. Different varieties of poriyals available are: lady’s finger poriyal, beans poriyal, carrot poriyal, etc.

7.Curry: Some of the most popular curries that are served are potato curry and brinjal curry.

8.Kootu: Made of dhal and vegetables it is also a healthy dish that can be mixed with rice and eaten.

9.Vaththa Kozhambu: With a hot tangy tasty, Vaththa Kozham is mixed with rice before consumption.

10.Appalam: Crispy appalams are a perfect side dish that will certainly find its place on the wedding lunch menu.

11.Chips: Potato chips finds it place in the wedding menu along with the traditional appalams.

12.Vadai: Usually masala vadais find a place in the lunch menu. Keerai vadais are also served for lunch.

13.Pakodas: Onion Pakodas are served as a side dish as well.

14.Curd Rice: Curd is either served separately or mixed with rice.

15.More Milagai: The More Milagai is nothing but dried chillies fried golden brown to be served for the guests. It complements the curd rice very well.

16.Rasam: Rasam, considered to be good for digestion, is now being served in various flavours including pineapple, pepper, etc.

17.Thayir Pachadi: It is a side dish that is made of curd and vegetables like carrots, onions and tomatoes.

18.Payasam: The sweet semi liquid payasam is either made of vermicelli or dhal.

19.Pickle: Any one of the pickle varieties does find a place on the wedding menu. Most popular pickles served are mango thokku, lime, avakkai, ginger, etc.

20.Sweet: What is a wedding without a sweet? Several varieties of sweets may find a place on the wedding lunch menu and popular among it are Gulab Jamuns, Jangiris, Badhushah, laddus etc.

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