A wedding isn’t complete without delicious food being served to the guests. In south Indian weddings, early morning muhurthams are quite common which make it essential for the wedding parties to serve yummy breakfast for the guests. The south Indian menu comprises a lot of breakfast items that have long been noted as the must-haves. For example, no south Indian wedding would be complete without idlis and dosas. Let’s check out the delectable menu that is available for weddings these days. Given herein are the 20 best South Indian food for Wedding (Breakfast).

Best South Indian Food For Wedding - Breakfast

1. Idlis: The hot white idlis are the must haves on any wedding menu! It is a traditional breakfast item that finds a place in the south Indian weddings. Made of rice flour and urad dhal, the spongy idlis go well with a range of chutneys including the coconut chutney, onion chutney, and tomato chutney. Yet another ideal accompaniment for idli is the Sambhar.

2. Rava idli: This is another dish that resembles the traditional idlies but the ingredients used to make it are slightly varied. As the name indicates, rava idlies are made of sooji rava to which curd, ginger, green chillies, channa dhal, urad dhal etc., are added. Rava idlies go well with any of the chutneys mentioned above.

3. Dosas: Who wouldn’t love to munch into the crispy golden brown dosas right after the wedding? Dosas are served with sambar and a variety of chutneys in most south Indian weddings.

4. Pooris: The hot golden brown pooris served with potato masala should have the guests drooling over it for more.

5. Masala dosa: The golden brown dosas, loaded with the potato masala, is another breakfast variety that finds its place in the wedding menu.

6. Rava dosa: Rava dosa, made of a mixture of rava, rice flour and maida, is another form of dosa that the guests would love to gorge into.

7. Ven Pongal: The hot and tasty ven pongal is for the guests who simply can’t do without it!

8. Sakkarai Pongal: This sweet pongal, made of rice and jaggery, will be a sweet addition of the menu.

9. Kesari: This is a sweet variety which is mostly found on the wedding breakfast menu. Made of rava and sugar, Kesari is one of the traditional dishes here in south India.

10. Vadais: Be it the medhu vada or the masala vada, the south Indians simply love the vadais in any form. Therefore, it has turned out to be an integral part of the wedding breakfast.

11. Idiyappam: Looking like a set of massy strings made of rice flour, the Idiyappams are usually served with vegetable kurma or coconut milk.

12. Puttu: Also known as the steamed rice cake, puttu does find a special place in the south Indian menu.

13. Rava Uppuma: Uppuma is one of the easiest and tastiest breakfasts to be served at the weddings.

14. Kichadi: Similar to uppuma, this dish is made with rava along with a range of veggies such as carrots, onions, capsicums, tomatoes, beans, green peas etc.

15. Uttappam: Similar to the dosas, Uttappams are a tad different as it is made of rice, dhuli urad dal and fenugreek seeds and are thicker which makes it soft and spongy.

16. Appam: With a spongy centre and a crispy outer area, this dosa-like breakfast item goes well either with the vegetable kurma or coconut milk.

17. Chappathis: Though it is not essentially a south Indian breakfast, chappathis have found a place in the south Indian weddings. It is best served with kurma.

18. Parathas: Parathas, made of maida, is also served at the south Indian breakfast.

19. Spinach Pooris: One of the latest additions of the south Indian wedding menu is the spinach pooris. These pooris, made of greens, are high on nutritious value.

20. Kurma: A very popular side dish, it goes well with most of the breakfast items including chappathi, idiyappam, and paratha.

These breakfast items are sure to have the taste buds of the guests tick!