Everyone wants to make their wedding day a perfect day that gives fond memories for the lifetime. Some people want to a huge crowd on their marriage ceremony and want to get married in the presence of only family members and close friends while some others prefer a huge crowd and party mood.

There are also people who want to get married on a beach where they can see the land embracing the sea. Beaches and islands are cool places to get married and in a place like India, it will be a unique experience.

Like most of the beach cities, there are plenty of beach wedding venues in Chennai. Here is a list of top beach wedding venues in Chennai.

Blue Bay Beach Resort

This resort is the perfect place if you are searching for outdoor wedding venues in Chennai. They set up special venue in the sand of the beach and it will be an ethereal experience to have your wedding there. It can give you fond memories of your lifetime. They have a dedicated team and give personalized service. Their team gives special importance to ensure all the guests are happy and comfortable. If you tell them your preferences and choices, they will do it the way you want. If you want to conduct your wedding on a beach in western style, this would be the perfect place in Chennai.

Address: Vadanemilli Village (Before Crocodile Park) ECR Road, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu – 603104

Phone: 044 4202 8938

Green Meadows Resort

This is a perfect place for a traditional wedding. The architecture of the resort and mandapam has a traditional south Indian style. There you have all the facilities to organize your marriage with all cultural ceremonies. They customize the setting of the area based on your personal tastes and requirements. The mandapam in the resort can accommodate 200 people. There is a garden which can be used for the buffet. It can also be used for breakaways or recreation for the kids. It has 3 banquet halls which can accommodate 300 people and a vast lawn for 700 people. Green Meadow has an amazing team to meet your unique requirements and serve you and your guests very well.

Address: 4/364 A, Anna Salai, Palavakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041

Phone: 044 2451 5555


Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

This is a budget-friendly option for a wedding at a beach resort. Blue Lagoon has 3A/C wedding with A/C dining area.  It has 3 large lawns which are excellent options if you are searching for open lawn marriage halls in Chennai. They have different packages you can choose from based on your budget. You can also have your reception in this lawn if you want the reception in an open space. The resort also includes restaurants and other luxury amenities. They also have huge number of rooms in case you need it for your guests. In Blue Lagoon, you don’t have to worry about any discomforts that your guests might face as their service and amenities are excellent.

Address: 5/72, East Coast Road, Neelankarai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600115

Phone: 044 6452 6002


MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts has lots of different places perfect for your wedding. It features a unique water front lawn and has all modern and high-end amenities. It has one theatre style hall and one open venue and both can accommodate 250 people each.

Address: 1/74, E Coast Rd, Muttukadu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 603112

Phone: 044 3910 2400


MGM has a chain of resorts in Chennai which are perfect for wedding ceremonies. They have a private beach and it gives you privacy and more control over preparing the theme and setting for the wedding on the beach. They have decade of experience in the hospitality industry and provide professional service with modern amenities

Chariot Beach Resort

It is one of the largest beach resorts in south India spanning across 42 acres nearby Mahabalipuram. It has a beach-front theme setting for the wedding and provides A to Z service including the transportation for the guests. This helps you and your family to stay stress-free. They provide florists to create themes matching the decoration to make the setting perfect and memorable.

Address: Five Raths Road, Behind Five Raths Monument, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu 603104


Phone: 044 2742 5000

Radisson Blu Resort

In Radisson Blu Resort, you can tie the wedding knot or declare your vows watching the Bay of Bengal.  They have also a hall of over 10,500 square feet if you want the wedding inside the building. You will be delighted for their culinary varieties including traditional Indian feast and international items. They have an amazing team of expert chefs and they are ready to arrange an elaborate tasting session if you want to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Address: 57, Kovalam Rd, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu 603104

Phone: 044 2744 3636


Grande Bay

This is another excellent option for a wedding venue. They have different types of halls for the wedding and engagements. Here you can host your birthday parties, naming ceremonies or any ceremony in your life. It has banquet halls and wedding halls which can be used for wedding in both traditional and contemporary setting. They have a lovely hall for the reception and it will be an amazing place for your wedding.

Address: ECR, Kovalam Road, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu 603104

Phone: 044 2744 3060

Rani Mahal Wedding Complex

This is another budget friendly wedding venue nearby Chennai beach. Its hall has a seating capacity of 750. It is fully air conditioned. Parking area can accommodate around 500 cars and more than 900 two-wheelers. However, there are only 5 rooms and there are no suites. If you want to conduct your marriage grand, in a budget nearby the beach, this is the best option for you in Chennai.

Address: No. 5/72, Raja Nagar, Neelankarai, Chennai- 600 115.

Phone: +91 93 80 177 177

These are a few popular beach wedding venues in Chennai. Although some of them are not exactly in the beach, they are in beach in area.

Do you think that you wouldn’t need a wedding planner for your wedding or your loved one? Do you think you know how you want your wedding to be like and you can do it all by yourself? Probably you are overestimating what you can do or you don’t what al are the ways a wedding planner can help you. I have talked with several best wedding planners in Chennai and compiled a list of 10 ways a wedding planner help their clients. I hope this list will enlighten you about the benefits of hiring a wedding planner.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives if you think the points are worth.


Give Life to Your Dreams

Everyone has their own concepts and dreams about their wedding venues, dresses and theme of wedding venue decoration etc. It is not easy to fulfill all these dreams on your own. If you have some abstract ideas about all these, you will need some help to make plans and to implement them. Here, a wedding planner becomes handy.

A wedding planner can help you with creative ideas on how to make your big day a grand and exciting event. You can expect helps in choosing wedding venues and decoration ideas. However, the role of a wedding planner is not limited to this and you can expect help on anything related your wedding. A wedding planner will be with you from the planning stage to the end of the event.


Deal with Clash of Interests and Other Unexpected Issues

I have heard the question “are wedding planners worth it?” many times in my life. Here is an example how a wedding planner can help you solve problems in the planning stage itself.

It is not uncommon to have a clash of interest in the family members regarding the wedding venue, food and the number of guests etc. The list goes on. If there is a wedding planner, it will be easier to make informed decisions about all these things. Moreover, family members will be, most of the time, happy to accept the suggestions of a professional because they trust in them. You can utilize this to your advantage if you want.

Sometimes, you may encounter some unexpected issues or troubles like late delivery from the vendors. It is quite stressful if things don’t work the way you have planned. It requires management skills to find instant solutions for this kind of issues and a wedding planner will be helpful in handling this kind of issues.


Make the Big Day Stress-free

You don’t want to be tensed or stressed during the wedding day, right? However, dealing with vendors, professional and all other related things will definitely make you feel stressed. A wedding is a big event and it is not very easy to coordinate everything on your own.

Now you might be thinking that you have your family members and relatives to help you with all these things but the truth is the lack of coordination in the team will cause additional problems and again stress.

A wedding planner is an experienced professional and would have coordinated many wedding before. This experience helps them find out the possible pitfalls and plan and coordinate the event without any problem. Moreover, vendors and professional would find it easy to deal with a wedding planner rather than directly with bride or groom or their parents.


Stay Organized

Wedding planners would have years of experience in this field which would help them to coordinate and supervise the event effectively. Moreover, they would be organized which would reduce unnecessary tensions and possible risks.

Control Budget

You might be wondering how hiring a wedding planner can save you money because hiring a wedding planner cost you additional expense. It is not true. Wedding planners have relationships with vendors and professionals like photographers, make-up artists, florists and decoration artists etc. required for a wedding. This will help you to hire professionals and buy stuff from vendors for a lower price.

Now does it make sense?

Moreover, wedding planners can book your wedding venues for discount rates. Basically, if you spend some money on hiring a wedding planner, you can save a lot of money in many ways. Now you know why you need a wedding planner for a wedding on a controlled budget.


Decorate the Space

The decoration and make-up are very important in a wedding. Unless you are very talented you can’t decorate the space elegantly. You will need professional florists or decoration artists to handle them Wedding planners can do them by themselves or they may have a team of florist, artists for make-up, lighting and for other things.

There is a variety of styles in decorating space including, traditional, modern, rustic, Scandinavian, minimalistic and contemporary. Moreover, there are color schemes for matching to the seasons. If the decoration is done professionally considering all these aspects, no doubt, it will be a feast for the eyes of your guests.


Handle the Legal Matters

If you are thinking like “do I need a wedding planner for a small wedding in a wedding destination”, I would say a wedding planner is a must for a destination wedding whether it is small or big. You will have to take care of lots of things including legal matters regarding the wedding registration. You will not have to worry about all these things if you have a wedding planner.

Moreover, if you plan a wedding outside India, you may have to complete some formalities to take your wedding ornaments. If you are not aware of customs duty and related formalities, you will have to pay a huge amount of customs duty at the airport. You need to plan and do all formalities before your trip and a wedding planner can do all these things for you.


Prepare the Wedding Ceremony Space

Wedding planners have knowledge of wedding ceremonies of all religions and castes. This helps them to set the wedding ceremony the space considering your faith and wedding customs.

Moreover, there are different styles of decoration like modern and traditional and it needs acute attention to details from to make the wedding ceremony venue look like the way you want. A wedding planner would have lots of ideas for this which will help you.


Quick Makeover of Ceremony Venue into Reception Area

Sometimes, you would have to do things very quick due to the lack of time. If you are planning the wedding ceremony and reception in the same area, you would have to alter the ceremony space for the wedding reception in a short span of time.  It will be difficult for you to manage this during the event. Wedding planners can do this very quickly which will help you stay cool and free after the ceremony.


Plan and Coordinate Activities during the Reception

Some people would love some activities during the wedding reception but don’t have ideas. A wedding planner can contribute with unique ideas to make the wedding reception exciting and interesting. They can also manage all those things for you.

Now, I think you got some ideas on how a wedding planner can be helpful. Find a wedding planner for your wedding and make it a grand and majestic event. If you are wondering how soon you should hire a wedding planner, I would say you can hire a wedding planner the very moment you start planning the wedding venue, style of decoration and wedding food menu.




If you don’t want the wedding to be soon forgotten by the guests, you should make it a unique and memorable event. Using themes for a wedding would be a great way to achieve this.

The concept of wedding themes is quite popular in the West for a long time. The individual preference of the couples determines the theme. However, in India, all things are handled by parents and the role is less in India. Wedding planners in Chennai confirm that it is the parents of the bride or groom who approach them requesting their service.

One difference in India and western wedding is that parents of brides and groom play the major role in planning and coordinating the wedding while parents have not that much role when it comes to the wedding in western societies.

Nowadays, brides and grooms in India insist on having a theme for their wedding. This thought has occurred to some parents also because it is a great way to make the wedding a unique event.

However, the trend of wedding theme has become quite popular in India recently. Here are a few theme wedding ideas if you are searching for one. If you want to have a theme wedding but don’t know which theme to choose, this article may help you.


Beach Wedding

Beaches are a significant element in the culture and lifestyle of Chennai people. The famous Marina beach which is the second longest beach in Asia is politically and culturally important for the people in Chennai. It would be a great experience to conduct the wedding ceremony in the white sands of the beach in front of the roaring sea. In western countries, a beach wedding is quite common.

You can set up wedding venue for the ceremony on the beach and gets married in the presence of a few selected guests. The land embracing the sea symbolizes the married life. The number of guests in the ceremony can range anywhere from 20 to maximum 100. After the ceremony in morning, you can have a party at a resort or hotel nearby.

The best time for beach weddings in Chennai would be from December to February because beach wedding venues won’t have any ceiling. Chennai beaches will be hotter than beaches in the western countries. Therefore, it is better to plan the wedding in the winter season.


Garden Theme

You can bring a garden inside the wedding hall. The walls can be covered with greens and put some small trees and plants inside the hall. Along with that bring some flower pots and make the area look like a garden. When the guests are walking into the hall, it would be like they are entering a garden and give a feeling of outdoor.

A garden theme can transform an indoor wedding into an outdoor wedding. You will need to buy lots of flowers and leaves would require lots of labor to arrange them to make it look like a garden.

You should remember that all wedding halls may not permit this so it is important to discuss this with the wedding hall managers before you book the hall.


Origami Theme

Although origami is usually associated with children’s parties it is quite common to decorate the wedding venue with papers flowers and origami artworks. You can fix different kinds of origami artworks in bright colors on the walls and hang long origami and paper garlands across the wedding venue.

This is a budget-friendly theme because using paper flowers instead of real flowers for the decoration can save you a lot of money. Origami can be your best choice if you are thinking about distinctive Indian wedding theme decorations.


Traditional Theme

Back to the past is a great way to make the wedding an interesting event. The bride and groom can choose the wedding dresses used centuries ago and arrange the wedding venue in ancient style. Moreover, the decoration and food can also be given a traditional touch. This is the best way if you are looking for unique Indian wedding dress themes.


Valentines Theme

Valentine theme would be the ultimate and romantic theme suitable for a wedding. You can decorate the area with props, prints and other decorative items related to Valentine’s Day. You can fix a big cardboard in a heart shape in red color behind the wedding ceremony area. Then you can fill the area with lots of small hearts shapes all over the area. Lighting, candles and additional decorations can be used to make a romantic atmosphere in the area.


Minimalistic Theme

This is a popular theme in the Western world. Those who don’t want to have an extravagant wedding make their wedding minimalistic. You will not use lots of decorative items or varieties of expensive foods and beverages in a minimalistic wedding. Those who don’t have lots of money to spend or who don’t want to spend can choose this theme. This is a modern theme and becoming popular because of its social values.


Eco-friendly Theme

An eco-friendly wedding is a great way if you are concerned about the environmental degradation and want to send the message to your guests about the importance of protecting our environment. You can use eco-friendly and reusable items.

An eco-friendly theme wedding can inspire people to bring eco-friendly in daily life.

Rustic Theme

The term rustic refers to the rural life. A rustic wedding can be organized in outdoor venues in a rural area or by incorporating rural and natural elements in the decoration of the wedding venue. This is a kind of eco-friendly theme. The popularity of rustic theme is increasing in India due to the raising awareness of the environmental crisis.

This theme is a kind of escaping from the modern world into the simpler rustic life. You can use DIYed decorations. It is also possible to serve home-made food to the guests. The wildflowers and other natural elements can be used for the decoration.

The list doesn’t end here but these are the few general theme wedding ideas for suitable in India. You can get inspirations from these and create a unique theme for your wedding.

Choosing a wedding dress is difficult because it would be the most significant dress you will ever wear in your life. You want to grab the eye of your guests with the magnificent attire. The process of choosing a wedding dress becomes difficult partly because you don’t have any previous experience in buying or wearing a wedding dress before.

The common popular wedding dress is not the same everywhere. It changes based on culture, faith and region. According to fashion designers and wedding planners in Chennai, lehenga is the most popular bridal dress in Chennai. Lehenga can add grace and elegance to the attire of brides.

If you are from Chennai, most probably you would want a lehenga as your bridal outfit. One you have decided your bridal dress, you may want to visit all stores and find out the best dress for you. There are hundreds of shops selling lehengas in Chennai and some of them have amazing collections while some other sell mediocre products.

You don’t want to visit such mediocre shops and waste your valuable time. We have picked a few shops in Chennai that are popular and sell best quality bridal lehengas.



Rangoli is a pioneer in designer saris and lehengas and it has stores in several major cities in India. Its store in Nungambakkam, Chennai is a one-stop solution for all bridal dresses and it has a wide range of selections of lehenga, sari and gown in mesmerizing colors, designs and styles. This store is situated in at Tirumurthy Nagar in Nungambakkam.


Kalanikethan is a legacy in fashion and has tons of bridal lehengas with magnificent and high-class designs. This store is very convenient for shopping. Kalanikethan has lehengas in the best and latest designs. Their dedication to the customer satisfaction in their service set them apart from their competitors. In Kalanikethan, you can choose bridal lehengas from a huge selection in different designs and styles.


This is probably one of the best among the lehenga shops in Sowcarpet, Chennai. This store has a wide range of embroidered and fancy lehengas in their collections bridal wedding dress collection. In Kataria’s you also have the option of customizing your bridal outfits based on your personal requirements.

Rajashri Fashions

If you are a retailer and looking for the best wholesale suppliers of bridal lehengas in Chennai, Rajashri Fashions would be your best choice. They produce traditional and ethnic wedding dresses and export to European and Asian countries. Rajashri customize the fashion to reflect the fusion of culture among the expatriates outside India. They have a broad spectrum of wedding dresses for brides and party dresses.


This is one of the top destinations for wedding dresses in T Nagar for both brides and grooms to cater any kind of requirements. They have an amazing collection of lehenga cholis in different styles and designs. This is situated in Thirumalai road opposite to Vani Mahal which makes it easy to reach there.

Nazia Syed

This is another great place to shop bridal lehengas with brilliant designs. They personalize lehengas to best match your expectation about your dreams about wedding dress. Customer review suggests that they don’t compromise the quality.


Pothys is a popular destination for people of all sexes and ages. They have a huge collection of dresses for all kinds of purposes and occasions. Pothys have affordable collections of unstitched and readymade lehenga cholis. This store in the T Nagar would be your best choice if you are in a tight budget.  Lehengas in Pothys cost lesser and more than 80% of their total lehengas cost below 10,000 Rs.

Kay Fashion

They have a wide array of enchanting lehenga cholis for a graceful wedding. It is one of the leading store in Chennai selling ethnic clothing boutiques. Kay fashion has 10 stores across Chennai catering the needs of different types of customers. The store in Triplicane is exclusively for sarees and lehengas and here you can find the bridal lehengas of any style and design.


Varsidhi has premium selections of bridal lehengas. The also has special collection for bridesmaids. In Varsidhi, you can purchase bridal lehenga along with matching dresses for bridesmaids. The premium designed lehengas will make feel you extra special on your big day.


This store, located in Cathedral road, has an elite collection of beautiful designer wedding lehengas. Moksha blends tradition with trends and make lehengas and saris with unique style. Their lehengas can add unmatched grace and enhance the beauty of the bride. They have special collection of premium quality but expensive bridal lehengas to make you look elegant on your big day.

These are few top and popular destinations for bridal lehengas in Chennai. You can find the best bridal lehenga for you from any of these shops. Most of them offer customization service which would help you to personalize your lehenga based on your physique and style preferences.

Shops like Kataria’s and Nazia Syed have a special team for designing and customizing dresses and they will be the best choice if you want a custom-made lehenga designed based on your personal tastes and preferences.


Some people prefer vintage cars to luxury cars because vintage cars are a great way to add both luxury and classic style to a wedding. Your wedding cars are not mere means of transportation. It is about your style and personality. Wedding cars are an opportunity to add style and elegance to your wedding.

The best way to add royal style to a wedding in Chennai would be using vintage cars for your wedding. The legacy of the cars can communicate the legacy and rich tradition of your family.

We arrange any sort of transportation for the wedding including classic and vintage cars. We have associations with renters across Tamil Nadu and we can get you vintage cars in unique style. You can find modern and luxury cars, but a vintage car would give a different style to the wedding. It makes the wedding more interesting.


Affordable Rates

You just let us know what types of car do you prefer and we can arrange them for your wedding in Chennai. We have connections with luxury and vintage car rental services and so we can get you them for a discounted price for you.

Since we are regular customers of most of the car renters in Chennai, we get the cars for special rates. This way you can save some money. Additionally, there will be a special consideration while charging for additional hours.


Wide Variety of Models

The perfect vehicle for your wedding depends on your tastes and budget. We got a wide range of models; so you can travel on your favorite model with your better half on your wedding day. We have Rolls Royce from 1950s and Jaguar from the 1960s. Or you can choose Mercedes Benz.

If you are planning a classic theme wedding, you can old royal style Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz. We can help you choose the right car based on the theme or style of your wedding.

It is not that easy to find a vintage vehicle you like. You would have to search for weeks to find a vintage car suitable for you and your wedding. Here is where we come to your rescue. We can get vintage models of BMW, Mercedes Bens, Auston, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Morris and many more. Sometime, it might be difficult to get your favorite vintage car if your wedding is impending. However, we have resources to help you get them for you.


Car Decoration

We also decorate the car with flowers and other decorative items. We will help you boost the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle and make it look elegant and royal. We will arrange florists to decorate your special vintage car and other cars for families and guests.

Sometimes, there might be some limitations to decorate a vintage car but we know perfect ways to decorate them. We would make it enchanting and everyone would say wow seeing your special wedding vintage car.

The possibilities of decorating an open roof car are limitless and hence. Sometimes, over decorating a vintage car would ruin its beauty because the decoration may take the attention away from the car. We know how to deal with these kinds of issues and decorate it in the right way. Our decoration would emphasize what should be emphasized.


What Factors to Consider

You will have to consider many factors while choosing the perfect vintage vehicle for your wedding. It is not wise to use open roof cars for a long drive. Unlike in western countries, the temperature in Tamil Nadu is would be very high which would cause you some troubles if you travel in an open roof car for a longer time.

It is true that open roof cars are more popular for weddings but it is not good for the weather in Tamil Nadu. The best way to avoid this would be using the car for going to wedding reception party in the evening. In this kind of situations, a convertible car would be the best choice since it can be used in both ways.

Another important factor would be the nature of the roads. Sometimes, you may have to go through small roads which would make it difficult to manage the long vehicles. Vintage vehicles are not that much good rough roads because modern vehicles are more sophisticated than a vintage vehicle to deal with rough roads.

You can’t drive some vintage vehicles faster than a particular limit which will be a problem if you have to travel a long distance. You will have to fix the timing based on this factor. However, you won’t have to worry about all these things because we will do all the planning for the wedding.

You may find it difficult to drive huge vehicles on some roads or sometimes the parking may become a nightmare. We would check and find all possible troubles to choose the perfect vehicle. We consider your requirements and logistics factors before choosing the vehicle. We have years of experience in consulting couples to get the right vintage cars for their wedding. You may get in trouble when you choose a vehicle without considering important factors. Vintage vehicles are old and it may have some limitations. You need to understand the limitation in order to avoid any possible troubles.


We can arrange vintage cars for any wedding venues in Chennai. We will show you the options based on your preferences and style. You can shortlist a few of them and we would take you to see the vehicle. If you have selected one, we will bring that one on your wedding day.

You don’t have to worry about any formalities, driver or anything like that. If you want to find one by your own you may have to spend days searching for them. You have many other things to do and we think you don’t have to waste your time on this when we can do this for you. We will make it everything simple for you.



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