Weddings in general are a time to rejoice the union of two souls and gorge into good food! South Indian weddings aren’t replete without the lunch being served on the ‘Thalai Vazhai Ilai’ known as the raw banana leaf in English. The large leaf, loaded with delicacies, is a must in every marriage. There are way too many dishes served in a south Indian wedding. Let’s check out the 20 Best South Indian Food served at the wedding for lunch.

Best South Indian Food For Wedding - Lunch

1.Rice: No south Indian wedding is complete without Rice. It is one of the foremost food items served for the guests.

2.Sambar: Sambar is yet another important item on the menu. Be it a brinjal sambar or drumstick sambar, it complements the rice very well. The rice and sambar are mixed well before consuming.

3.Bisibelabath: Bisibelabath, a dish that originated from Karnataka, is similar to sambar rice in taste but served mixed with rice unlike the sambar rice where guests need to mix the rice and sambar.

4.Vegetable Biriyani: Vegetable biriyani, which comprises a lot of veggies, also find an indomitable place in the wedding lunch menu.

5.Aviyal: Aviyal is a dish from Kerala. What makes aviyal unique is that almost all vegetables are used in it such as drumsticks, carrots, beans, etc.

6.Poriyal: Poriyal is a side dish that goes well with the sambar rice or bisibelabath. Different varieties of poriyals available are: lady’s finger poriyal, beans poriyal, carrot poriyal, etc.

7.Curry: Some of the most popular curries that are served are potato curry and brinjal curry.

8.Kootu: Made of dhal and vegetables it is also a healthy dish that can be mixed with rice and eaten.

9.Vaththa Kozhambu: With a hot tangy tasty, Vaththa Kozham is mixed with rice before consumption.

10.Appalam: Crispy appalams are a perfect side dish that will certainly find its place on the wedding lunch menu.

11.Chips: Potato chips finds it place in the wedding menu along with the traditional appalams.

12.Vadai: Usually masala vadais find a place in the lunch menu. Keerai vadais are also served for lunch.

13.Pakodas: Onion Pakodas are served as a side dish as well.

14.Curd Rice: Curd is either served separately or mixed with rice.

15.More Milagai: The More Milagai is nothing but dried chillies fried golden brown to be served for the guests. It complements the curd rice very well.

16.Rasam: Rasam, considered to be good for digestion, is now being served in various flavours including pineapple, pepper, etc.

17.Thayir Pachadi: It is a side dish that is made of curd and vegetables like carrots, onions and tomatoes.

18.Payasam: The sweet semi liquid payasam is either made of vermicelli or dhal.

19.Pickle: Any one of the pickle varieties does find a place on the wedding menu. Most popular pickles served are mango thokku, lime, avakkai, ginger, etc.

20.Sweet: What is a wedding without a sweet? Several varieties of sweets may find a place on the wedding lunch menu and popular among it are Gulab Jamuns, Jangiris, Badhushah, laddus etc.

A wedding isn’t complete without delicious food being served to the guests. In south Indian weddings, early morning muhurthams are quite common which make it essential for the wedding parties to serve yummy breakfast for the guests. The south Indian menu comprises a lot of breakfast items that have long been noted as the must-haves. For example, no south Indian wedding would be complete without idlis and dosas. Let’s check out the delectable menu that is available for weddings these days. Given herein are the 20 best South Indian food for Wedding (Breakfast).

Best South Indian Food For Wedding - Breakfast

1. Idlis: The hot white idlis are the must haves on any wedding menu! It is a traditional breakfast item that finds a place in the south Indian weddings. Made of rice flour and urad dhal, the spongy idlis go well with a range of chutneys including the coconut chutney, onion chutney, and tomato chutney. Yet another ideal accompaniment for idli is the Sambhar.

2. Rava idli: This is another dish that resembles the traditional idlies but the ingredients used to make it are slightly varied. As the name indicates, rava idlies are made of sooji rava to which curd, ginger, green chillies, channa dhal, urad dhal etc., are added. Rava idlies go well with any of the chutneys mentioned above.

3. Dosas: Who wouldn’t love to munch into the crispy golden brown dosas right after the wedding? Dosas are served with sambar and a variety of chutneys in most south Indian weddings.

4. Pooris: The hot golden brown pooris served with potato masala should have the guests drooling over it for more.

5. Masala dosa: The golden brown dosas, loaded with the potato masala, is another breakfast variety that finds its place in the wedding menu.

6. Rava dosa: Rava dosa, made of a mixture of rava, rice flour and maida, is another form of dosa that the guests would love to gorge into.

7. Ven Pongal: The hot and tasty ven pongal is for the guests who simply can’t do without it!

8. Sakkarai Pongal: This sweet pongal, made of rice and jaggery, will be a sweet addition of the menu.

9. Kesari: This is a sweet variety which is mostly found on the wedding breakfast menu. Made of rava and sugar, Kesari is one of the traditional dishes here in south India.

10. Vadais: Be it the medhu vada or the masala vada, the south Indians simply love the vadais in any form. Therefore, it has turned out to be an integral part of the wedding breakfast.

11. Idiyappam: Looking like a set of massy strings made of rice flour, the Idiyappams are usually served with vegetable kurma or coconut milk.

12. Puttu: Also known as the steamed rice cake, puttu does find a special place in the south Indian menu.

13. Rava Uppuma: Uppuma is one of the easiest and tastiest breakfasts to be served at the weddings.

14. Kichadi: Similar to uppuma, this dish is made with rava along with a range of veggies such as carrots, onions, capsicums, tomatoes, beans, green peas etc.

15. Uttappam: Similar to the dosas, Uttappams are a tad different as it is made of rice, dhuli urad dal and fenugreek seeds and are thicker which makes it soft and spongy.

16. Appam: With a spongy centre and a crispy outer area, this dosa-like breakfast item goes well either with the vegetable kurma or coconut milk.

17. Chappathis: Though it is not essentially a south Indian breakfast, chappathis have found a place in the south Indian weddings. It is best served with kurma.

18. Parathas: Parathas, made of maida, is also served at the south Indian breakfast.

19. Spinach Pooris: One of the latest additions of the south Indian wedding menu is the spinach pooris. These pooris, made of greens, are high on nutritious value.

20. Kurma: A very popular side dish, it goes well with most of the breakfast items including chappathi, idiyappam, and paratha.

These breakfast items are sure to have the taste buds of the guests tick!

Be it a simple wedding or a big fat wedding, there needs to be a venue for the guests to arrive and shower their blessings on the newlyweds. Wedding venues, therefore, are very important and a lot of effort goes in to choose the right one. Every bride and groom is certain to have a vision as far their wedding is concerned and it is vital for a wedding planner to work on it to get perfect results. There are predominantly three types of wedding venues – Wedding halls, outdoor wedding venues and beach wedding venues. Let’s check out each of the wedding venues in Chennai in detail so that it would be beneficial to the groom and bride.

Wedding Venues in Chennai

Wedding halls in Chennai

Wedding halls in Chennai are ideally suited for a traditional wedding. Planning for a ritual-based wedding replete with all the ceremonies? Go in for the wedding halls in Chennai.
Here are the top 5 wedding halls in Chennai:

Srivaru Venkatachalapathy Palace, Chennai
Located at Vanagaram in Chennai, this wedding venue has a built up area of 50,000 sq.ft. with centralised AC facility. There are 20 AC rooms with attached bathrooms. There is an outdoor dining area that can accommodate 1000 people at a time and the Mini Hall which is ideal for small events where the guest list may not exceed 400 people. The open area, measuring 100,000 sq.ft. is ideal for outdoor events. The seating capacity in the hall is 2000 and the two AC dining halls can accommodate 700 people.

Sri Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam, Chennai
The wedding hall is situated in Kodambakkam, a centrally located area in the city that is accessible easily. The sprawling wedding venue can accommodate 1500 people at a time with the floating capacity being 1600. The dining hall has a seating capacity of 220. Outdoor dining is also available. There are 12 AC rooms and 4 non-AC rooms for the guests to relax.

Rani Meyyammai Hall
One of oldest wedding halls in the city, the twin halls, Raja Muthiah and Rani Meyyammai is located in Egmore. Rani Meyyammai, the largest of the two, has a seating capacity of 900 and floating capacity of 1200 Persons. About 370 people can dine at a time. The indoor car parking can accommodate around 10 cars and 100 bikes. The mini hall and dining area are air-conditioned with 15 AC and non-AC rooms for guests.

Raja Muthiah Hall
Raja Muthiah Hall has a seating capacity of 700 and floating capacity of 1400. The dining hall can accommodate 200 people at a time. The indoor car parking facility is available for 50 cars and 250 bikes.

Kuchalambal Kalyana Mandapam
Being one of the most reputed and oldest wedding halls in Chennai, the Kuchalambal Kalyana Mandapam has a seating capacity of 1000 Persons, floating capacity of 1100 Persons and the dining hall can accommodate 220 people at a time. The huge parking area can fit in 100 cars and bikes and outdoor parking for about 100 cars and bikes are also available.


Outdoor Wedding Venues in Chennai

When the weather is good, outdoor weddings would be an ideal choice. It gives a chance to celebrate the most important event of your life in tandem with Mother Nature!
Here are the five outdoor wedding venues in Chennai

Meadows at Green Park
The popular Green Park Hotel at Vadapalani in Chennai is the right choice for outdoor weddings. The Meadows can accommodate 600 people at a time. It offers a range of facilities such as
Open Air, outside catering, dedicated parking, stage, internet, elevator and rest rooms.

English Garden at Vivanta by Taj Coromandel
The sprawling lawn has a host of facilities for the guests. It includes open air area, air-conditioned rooms, indoor catering, dedicated parking, DJ facility, rest rooms, etc. Venue configurations available are cluster, U-shape, open, theatre style, and hollow square.

Pristine Lawns at Esthell – The Village Resort
An ideal place for thematic weddings, this outdoor venue offers a plethora of facilities such as multi-purpose banquet halls, art galleries, and party venues. Amenities such as air conditioning, dedicated parking, indoor catering, stage, rest rooms, built-in screens, tables and chairs are available. Venue configurations available are open, U-shape, theatre style, conference style, and cluster.

Roof Top Banquet at Mount Heera
Located in Alandur close to the airport, this rooftop banquet hall is ideal for outdoor wedding even if sun shines brightly or rains heavily. The venue boasts of rooftop – Dew – that can protect the guests from the scorching heat or heavy downpour. Facilities available would be air conditioning, open air, dedicated parking, internet, indoor catering, stage, rest rooms and elevator.

Poolside Paradise at Ambassador Pallava
The Poolside Paradise at the Ambassador Pallava can accommodate about 100 people. The amenities provided are Open Air, DJ, Dedicated Parking, Catering Indoor, Stage, and Bathroom. Venue configurations available are open, cluster, theatre style and classroom style.


Beach wedding venues in Chennai

Planning a romantic wedding right beside the sea? Want to hear the water gushing while you tie the knot? Go in for a beach wedding. Chennai, with its vast coastline, has a slew of beach wedding venues to offer. Here are the best five beach wedding venues in Chennai that will help make a choice easily.

Crusoe Island at MGM Beach Resorts
Offering a seating capacity of 120, the Crusoe Island offers a number of facilities for the guests. It is a perfect setting for a beach wedding. Facilities at the Crusoe Island are Open Air lawn, dedicated parking, internet, stage, indoor catering and rest rooms. The venue configurations can be discussed with the organizers to suit the individual needs.

Water Front Lawn at MGM Beach Resorts
Located far away from the bustling city, the Water Front Lawn should be a good choice for a beach wedding. The theatre style can accommodate 250 guests, open style about 250 and cluster style about 100 guests.

Casuarina Grove at Vivanta By Taj Fishermans Cove
The Causarina Grove is situated at the Fisherman’s Cove, Covelong, a very popular beach resort. It is an open air luxury venue that has facilities such as open air, DJ, alcohol, dedicated parking, internet, indoor catering, stage and restrooms. While the open style can accommodate 800 people, the theatre style can fit in 400 people. The U shape and classroom style can hold 100 and 140 people at a time.

New Beach at Vivanta By Taj Fishermans Cove
This luxury venue has multi-purpose banquet halls and ideal for parties and weddings. The open and cluster style can accommodate about 3000 people at a time. Theatre and classroom style seating arrangements can also be made. New Beach is located at the Covelong near Chennai.

Beach Lawn at Raj Mahal Wedding Hall
The Beach Lawn at Raj Mahal Hall offers a seating capacity of about 3000. With a modern kitchen and well-furnished rooms, it is a place where the guests will feel pampered. Be it a theme wedding or a traditional wedding, the Beach Lawn will be perfect. The car parking can fit in 1000 cars at a time.

With a plethora of choices available, the wedding parties can choose the right wedding destination depending on their vision, theme and budget.

Weddings needn’t always be the extravagant affair that everyone relates it to. Several people prefer to opt for low-key wedding due to budget constraints. Apart from merely monetary reasons there could be other reasons as well for a couple opting for a budget wedding. For example, a couple may want to donate the money for a good cause.


Planning for a budget wedding but don’t know how to? Well, there are way too many ways to save. A wedding without pulling your purse strings too much is indeed possible! Read on to know more!

Here are a few tips that could help couples with their budget wedding plans:

Limit the number of invitees

It is well understood that a couple would want to invite everyone near and dear to them to witness the big event happening in their life. But, if you want to go in for a budget wedding then the best way to save is to limit the guest list. Let your invitees’ list be as small as it could be. Choose only the dearest and nearest to both of you. Perhaps only the immediate family members and a few besties that you can’t do without? Work on the guest list together to avoid confusion over the numbers.

Wedding Venue

Did you know that the rent of the wedding venue would eat away a major portion of your budget? Yes, wedding venues are the most expensive. However, there are a lot of venues with limited space and amenities available only to cater to the needs of couples opting for a budget wedding. Still not convinced about the low-cost wedding? Well, you could always go in for a court wedding or a register marriage. Some couples are comfortable getting married in their own homes with just their parents and siblings around. Also getting married in a religious place may be a good option.These ideas are the best money savers.


Food is one of the essentials of a wedding. In fact, no wedding is complete without offering the guests a good meal. A good meal doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive meal. Scrumptious meals at very fair prices are available. Just enquire with friends and family about the local caterers offering meals at competitive rates. If engaging a caterer is out of question, then serve guests home cooked meals. Seek the help of elderly family members to help you with the cooking. Some couple also treat their guests with a high tea instead of a lunch or dinner to save on the cost. It all depends on how much you can afford to spend or not.

Wedding clothes

The grandeur of the wedding depends on how much one spends on the wedding clothes. Well, if you are getting things on a budget put that thought on the backseat! Yes, it is not essential to go in for grand costumes for the bride and groom. There are decent clothes for both the bride as well as the groom available at very competitive rates. Did you know that wedding attires are available on rent as well? Couples not wanting to spend too much on the clothes can go in for rentals. It would work out much cheaper than buying one. Did you know that some brides prefer to wear their mom’s wedding costumes? A great saver indeed!


Every bride and groom would want to look their best on their big day and wouldn’t mind spending on the make-up. There are way too many bridal make-up packages available. So, choose the most economical one. Is your budget so constrained that you cannot afford a professional make-up artiste? In fact, the cost of engaging a professional make-up artiste is extremely high. So what does one do in such cases? Well, it is best get it done at home. Just Google to find out the best make-up tips. This is sure to help the couple look their best without spending a fortune on the make-up.

Wedding Decoration

Decorate the place brightly with flowers, balloons etc. It doesn’t cost much and it can be done easily with the help of friends and family. Put your imagination to work right now!

Cut down on pre-wedding events

A wedding does have a lot of pre-wedding ceremonies attached to it. However, couples with a budget to work on needn’t go in for those ceremonies. Of course, it is fun to have some pre-wedding ceremonies as they are real stress busters. But do away with all of it to cut down on the costs. Want some stress busters? Invite a few friends and family for an informal get together right before the wedding. Some snacks and drinks and it’s time to enjoy!

Photos and video

Everyone would want to document the big day in their life with a few photos and, perhaps, a video. Engaging a professional to get it done will turn out to be too expensive. Why not entrust that work to close friend or a trusted cousin? Appoint one of your closest aides to wield the camera. With too many high-end cameras available, it shouldn’t be a difficult job.


No wedding is replete without jewellery. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the bride should be decked up with tons of jewels. Limit the use of jewels. It will certainly make the bride look classy and elegant.

Wedding planners

Wedding planners do make your jobs easy by taking care of everything. But a common myth is that wedding planners are expensive, if you too believe in such myth get in touch with us. Infact being one of the top wedding planners in Chennai we could bring down wedding venue and catering costs drastically as we have tie ups with many wedding vendors. We will certainly work in tandem with your inputs and within your budget.

We believe the above tips should be of help to couples looking to save on their wedding costs. A wedding is an event that should help a couple develop a deep bond between themselves and raise the family with good human values. Therefore, it is not necessary to opt for a grand event which might burn a hole in your pocket!


Weddings are a memorable occasion not only for the couple tying the nuptial knot but for their families and guests as well. Most of us would look forward for a wedding to happen as it promises to bring in lot of happiness, gaiety and grandeur. While guests showers the newlyweds with gifts, the families of the bride and groom cheer up the guests with return gifts.

Return gifts have been in vogue for several years now. The traditional ‘tamboolam’ bags containing a beetle leaf, nut, turmeric, kumkum and coconut was the auspicious return gift that several families have been giving to guests attending the wedding. Now, a lot of changes have gone into it, depending on the financial status of the bride and groom’s families.

Yes, return gifts have become a fad these days and there is no wedding complete without it. The families of the bride and groom choose gifts depending on their budget.
Some of the return gift ideas are simply amazing and here are a few that would help you choose a unique gift easily:

1. Jewel Boxes and Trinkets:
Jewel boxes come in all shapes and sizes and an ideal gift for ladies attending the wedding. Women simply love jewels and gifting them a brand new jewel box to safely store their precious pieces of jewellery should be the right thing to do. Jewel boxes are available in various materials such as metal, silver, and wood.

2. Vaastu, Feng Shui:
Vaastu and Feng Shui products are the best wedding return gifts, considering the positivity it bring in. Everyone desires for good luck and when gifted with items that can bring it in abundance, it will only cheer up those receiving it. Some Feng Shui or Vaastu products that may be given as return gifts are Mandarin ducks, wind chimes, crystals etc.

3. Divinity:
Idols also make a good choice for wedding return gifts. With the gift manufacturers coming up with a wide array of choices, it is easy for you to pick one depending on the budget. Idols can be chosen according to the religious orientation of the wedding parties. For example, idols of Krishna, Ganesha or Laxmi may be suitable for Hindus, while Christians may prefer Christ or Mother Mary.

4. Potted Plants:
The latest trend is to give away potted plants as a return gift. This is done to create awareness about global warming and importance of growing plants to save planet earth. Weddings attract huge number of people and would be an ideal place to create awareness!

5. Handmade Gifts:
Handmade Gifts would be a good choice if you are looking to help women from self-help groups and NGOs. Many organizations make handmade products such as purses, pouches, key chains, and books, which can be given as return gifts. The latest attraction in this section happens to be handmade jewellery. These exquisite pieces of jewellery are sure to leave your guest stunned. It will not only have your guests in awe but also help people in dire need gain monetarily. Yet another advantage of opting for handmade gifts is that they are eco-friendly.

6. Paintings:
Who wouldn’t want a painting to adorn the dull and boring walls in their homes? Yes, people do fancy paintings and giving it out as a return gift should be a good choice. There are a wide array of paintings that can be given as return gifts and it includes Madhubani paintings, nib art, Tanjore painting, or modern art.

7. Customised gifts:
Customised gifts are the in-thing now! However, this requires a lot of homework as you need to know the exact number of people who would attending the wedding and their names. Coffee mugs, t-shirts, key chains, and even chocolates can be customized. Yet another idea is to wrap up the return gift with the name of the guest engraved on the box.

8. Dry Fruit Boxes:
Dry Fruits are a good idea as well. And when wrapped up in exquisite boxes, it makes a good return gift. Dry fruits such as almonds, pistachios, raisins and cashew nuts placed in well decorated containers will certainly have your guests in awe.

9. Bags:
Women love bags, which naturally makes it the best return gift. Hand bags, potlis, clutches, pouches, and purses do make very good return gifts. You could also try assembling goodie bag filled with a pack of bindi, turmeric, bangles, make-up set, etc.

10. Kids special:
Every wedding is sure to have a bunch of kids. Why not make the little ones happy with a special return gift for them? You could give them a pencil box, a soft toy, lunch box, water bottle etc.

How to choose your wedding return gift?
While the 10 gift ideas enumerated above may help you in choosing one, it is not exhaustive. Several ideas may crop up and it also depends on the financial capabilities of the parties concerned.
• Make a budget for return gifts
• Make a list of guests and classify ladies, gents and children
• Choose gifts for each of the category if your budget allows you or simply pick one common gift. For example, a painting may be an ideal common return gift
• Ask for opinion among family members and friends and go with the popular choice

A wedding is a time to rejoice! And everyone has to admit that a return gift would certainly make them happy. So, when you plan to go shopping for your wedding, make sure to take time off to select the return gift.

Choose your return gifts and order for it well in advance. Yes, it is understood that a wedding would mean inviting guests in large numbers and that naturally translates into large number of return gifts. Therefore, chose the gift, order for it well ahead and have it packed to avoid last minute glitches.

Now that you have an idea about the wedding return gifts, what’s stopping you from selecting the right one? Let your guests leave the wedding venue with a beaming smile!

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