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A wedding is a time to celebrate with family and friends. It is undoubtedly one of the most important occasions in every couple’s life. So, preparing for a wedding requires a lot of time, creativity and patience. Particularly, for Brahmin weddings, the ceremonies are way too many. There are many Brahmin wedding planners in Chennai that are both cost-effective as well as efficient. With highly ritualistic ceremonies right from the engagement to the Kattusadam, the families have a host of events to concentrate on. With consumerism and globalization rearing its heads high, people simply don’t find time to arrange for a whole lot of ceremonies associated with a wedding. If you are one of those looking to arrange a complete wedding with all the ceremonies right from the engagement to Kattusadam, then it is best to rope in wedding planners.

Specialist in Brahmin weddings will be able to guide the parties through the entire process by making the best arrangements.

Let’s check out the list of ceremonies associated with a Brahmin wedding.


Known as the engagement ceremony in English, Nischayathartham is the function that sets the ball rolling for the big event – wedding. Both the bride and groom’s parents seal the agreement in writing that their respective daughter and son would wed on the date fixed. The muhurtham, exact time of marriage, would be fixed. For this event, the wedding planners would arrange for flowers, seervarisai, catering, photographer, videographer and priest in whose presence the parents would exchange the written agreement.


The tree is planted to mark the auspicious beginnings of the wedding. The date of Pandakkal is fixed prior to the wedding. It is done at the groom’s house, bride’s house and at the wedding hall. Though a simple ceremony, all Brahmin wedding planners in Chennai would never give it amiss.

Receiving the groom’s family and friends:

Receiving the groom’s family and friends at the wedding venue is a ceremony in itself. The wedding planners would ensure that the family and friends of the groom are welcomed with the Nadaswaram music and mangala arathi. Sweets, snacks and drinks will be served to the guests. Of course, there will be a photo and video session to capture this ceremony.

Kappukettal and Vratham:

A holy thread, touted to act as a protector, is tied around the bride’s wrists to protect against the evil.

For the groom, it is invoking himself as a Grihasta. He begins the vratham with prayers to Indra, Soma, Chandra and Agni. This vratham also symbolizes that the groom’s bachelorhood has come to an end. The holy thread is tied around the groom’s wrists as well. After this ceremony is performed, neither the groom nor the bride is allowed to venture out of the wedding hall until the marriage is through.


This is the ceremony during which the nava dhanyams or the nine important grains are sprinkled on the bride and groom. This is done to symbolize prosperity. The event ends with the Aarthi. The Brahmin wedding planners in Chennai will provide the families with all the necessary accessories, including the nava dhanyams.

Mappillai Azhaippu:

The groom is formally led into the wedding hall through the ceremony known as the Mappillai Azhaippu. The groom’s family assembles at a Temple nearby and the bride’s family would garland the groom and the entire party would parade their way to the marriage hall. The wedding planner would arrange any mode of transport for the groom’s parade – an elephant, horse, decorated car; anything that suits the budget of the families concerned. After the groom reaches the venue, the arathi is performed. Everything, right from the seervarisai plates to the mangala arathi is arranged by the wedding planners making it comfortable for the wedding parties.

Kasi Yatrai:

Kasi Yatrai is one of the important pre-wedding ceremonies in which the groom would prefer Sanyasa over Grihasta and on the intervention of the bride’s family would relent and take up the latter. Wedding planners will provide an umbrella, fan, walking stick, slippers, etc., for the Kasi Yatrai.

Malai Mathal:

This is a ceremony right after the Kasi Yatrai. The groom walks to be garlanded by the bride. The respective maternal uncles of the groom and bride would carry them on their shoulders and they will exchange the garland to symbolize that their association with their mother’s family is intact. The wedding planners will provide a range of garlands for this event


Oonjal or swing denotes that the Karma is linked to the Lord. The swinging motion represents that life has its ups and downs but the couple shall work in harmony to overcome the difficulties. The couple is given paalum pazhamum (milk and fruits) by the elders. On a plate of rice, a pot of water and a lamp are placed and this is carried around the swing by the ladies to ward off evil spirits. After this ceremony is over, the bride and groom are ready for the Kanyadhaan. All the necessary items including swing, milks, fruits, lamps, garlands etc., needed for Oonjal will be provided by the wedding planners.


This ceremony symbolizes that the bride is handed over to the groom and he will remain her protector there on. The bride sits on her father’s lap and she is gifted to the groom with the Darbhai ring on her head. A yoke and over the mangalyam is also placed. With this, the father of the bride offers her to the groom.

Kanaka Dharanam:

The bride first ties a turmeric fastened to a string on to the groom’s wrists and then the groom ties the Kankanam to the bride. This is touted to bind them by religious vows.

Mangalya Dharanam:

Right on the fixed muhurtham, the groom ties the Thaali around the bride’s neck. This is known as Mangalya Dharanam. This part of the function isn’t replete without the elders blessing the couple with the Akshadhai, which is strewn on them. Akshadhai is rice dipped in turmeric. When entrusted with the wedding arrangements, the Brahmin wedding planners in Chennai will arrange from everything right from the priest to the Akshadhai.

Paani Grahanam:

This ceremony marks the bride and groom holding hands to commence the new beginning of their life.

Saptha Padhi:

An important ceremony in which the groom holds the brides hand and walks seven steps around the fire. This also marks that the wedding is complete.

Other associated ceremonies such as Pala Dhanam, Pradhana Homam, Treading on the Grindstone, Arundhati and Dhruva Star, Laaja Homam, Shanthi Muhurtham and Kattusadam are also arranged.

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