What is a great place to get married in India?

The favorite places of people would vary based on their personal tastes and likings. I had a friend who fancied of getting married in the white sands of a beach in Andaman Nicobar islands. Another one badly wanted to get married at the Tanjore Temple.

Some people prefer to get married in a dream place far from their home instead of the home or banquet hall nearby the home. This kind of wedding is becoming more and more popular these days. Bride, groom, their family members and guests go the wedding venue and the wedding ceremony would take place there.

You might be wondering about the difficulty of guests to reach the wedding venue if you choose a distant place. That is the beauty of destination wedding. You are far away from your home and celebrate your big day only with a few people who are most important to you.

A destination wedding doesn’t have a huge crowd. The guests would include close family members, neighbors and best friends. The number of guests would be around 40-100. Remember, you will have to arrange the food and accommodation for your guests at any resort or hotel. Therefore it is important to book a resort or hotel even if you plan an outdoor wedding.

There are different types of venues like hill stations, forts, resorts, hotels, palaces and beaches. There is a list of popular places in Tamil Nadu in each type of destination wedding venues.


Hill Station Wedding Venues

A wedding on top of the mountains facing the beautiful valleys down would be a thrilling experience. We got so many exotic hill stations in the charming Western Ghats which are suitable for both wedding and honeymoon. A hill station is suitable for a wedding with less than 100 guests. You would have to arrange the accommodation facility for most of your guests for at least one night which would make it very expensive.


This is the princess of hill stations in Tamil Nadu. It would quite difficult for your guests to reach there since it would take lots of time. Therefore, this place is recommended for a wedding with less than 50 guests.


This is the most popular destination in the Nil Giri Hills. Unlike Kodaikanal, it is very easy to access this place through the rail. You can get there easily from Coimbatore and Erode. You can book tickets for your guests in the famous Mettuppalayam to Ootty trains which would be a thrilling experience for them.

Nearby Ootty, you also got Coonoor and Kotagiri which are another popular hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Ootty is a perfect venue for a small destination wedding.


Beach Wedding Venues


A wedding by the seaside would leave any couples ecstatic. Tamil Nadu has a long stretch of coastal area with so many beautiful beaches. In Chennai itself, you got dozens of beach wedding venues in Marina Beach, Elliot’s Beach and Golden Beach. You can find many resorts nearby the beaches if you want to host the wedding reception in a resort after the wedding ceremony on the beach.

Bluebay Beach Resort and MGM Hotels are a few popular beach resorts suitable for a wedding ceremony and reception in Chennai.


It is the most popular tourist destination on the outskirts of Chennai. You can find many resorts nearby the beaches here which provide facilities for a wedding ceremony and reception. The biggest benefit of having your wedding reception in a popular tourist destination is that your guests would have a great day there.

Grande Bay Resort and Chariot Beach resort are the popular resorts in this area.


Although Pondicherry is legally not part of Tamil Nadu, geographically it is like any other places in Tamil Nadu. It is an international destination and its culture is a little different from the rest of Chennai due to the influence of the French. It got so many beautiful beaches and resorts.

The biggest benefit of hosting wedding ceremony in Pondicherry is the price of hard drinks. If you plan to serve lots of drinks at your party, Pondicherry would be the best option. Moreover, the French touch of Pondicherry will be a different experience


This is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in India. There you can find so many resorts. Sparsa Resort and Anantya Resort are the popular resorts here. Although this is a popular tourist destination, this is not that much popular for a destination wedding in Tamil Nadu.

Dhanushkodi is another popular beach in the southern part of Tamil Nadu. Just like Kanyakumari, here also we don’t see much destination wedding.


Forts and Palaces

The best way to have a royal style for your wedding would be to choose a fort or old royal palace as the wedding venue. It is quite common in European countries and many palaces are open for weddings in those countries.

In India, palaces or forts are preserved by the government and they are not open to hosting a wedding.

In Tamil Nadu, we don’t have any such places. You can choose North Indian states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh if you want to get married at a palace or fort, but they are far away from the Tamil Nadu.


Spiritual Space

A wedding is considered as a sacred union of two souls and there is no better place for that than a temple or church. Most of us believe that we need the blessings of deities for a successful married life. Therefore, many people prefer temples and churches for their wedding ceremony.

While some people prefer the temple or church nearby their home, some people like to get married at a famous or their favorite temple or church.

Temples for Wedding Ceremonies


Brihadeeswarar Temple of Tanjore is an iconic place in Tamil Nadu to get married. The spiritual aura of the temple would definitely create a positive impact on your life. This temple is easy to reach.


Madurai is another popular temple where people from different parts of come to get married. This temple is also easily accessible and so people won’t have a hard time to reach there and return back.

Churches for Wedding Ceremonies

Santhome Church Chennai

Santhome Church nearby the Marina Beach in Chennai is a popular wedding destination for the Christian community in Tamil Nadu.



Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health in Velankanni, Nagapattinam is one of the most popular and busiest churches in India. This is a pilgrimage center and even foreigners visit here. This church is also nearby beach and there are so many small churches nearby.

These are the most popular destination wedding venues in Tamil Nadu. Apart from these, there are so many grand resorts but we didn’t include them in this list. We will have another list of major resorts suitable for a wedding reception in Tamil Nadu.