Do you think that you wouldn’t need a wedding planner for your wedding or your loved one? Do you think you know how you want your wedding to be like and you can do it all by yourself? Probably you are overestimating what you can do or you don’t what al are the ways a wedding planner can help you. I have talked with several best wedding planners in Chennai and compiled a list of 10 ways a wedding planner help their clients. I hope this list will enlighten you about the benefits of hiring a wedding planner.

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Give Life to Your Dreams

Everyone has their own concepts and dreams about their wedding venues, dresses and theme of wedding venue decoration etc. It is not easy to fulfill all these dreams on your own. If you have some abstract ideas about all these, you will need some help to make plans and to implement them. Here, a wedding planner becomes handy.

A wedding planner can help you with creative ideas on how to make your big day a grand and exciting event. You can expect helps in choosing wedding venues and decoration ideas. However, the role of a wedding planner is not limited to this and you can expect help on anything related your wedding. A wedding planner will be with you from the planning stage to the end of the event.

Deal with Clash of Interests and Other Unexpected Issues

I have heard the question “are wedding planners worth it?” many times in my life. Here is an example how a wedding planner can help you solve problems in the planning stage itself.

It is not uncommon to have a clash of interest in the family members regarding the wedding venue, food and the number of guests etc. The list goes on. If there is a wedding planner, it will be easier to make informed decisions about all these things. Moreover, family members will be, most of the time, happy to accept the suggestions of a professional because they trust in them. You can utilize this to your advantage if you want.

Sometimes, you may encounter some unexpected issues or troubles like late delivery from the vendors. It is quite stressful if things don’t work the way you have planned. It requires management skills to find instant solutions for this kind of issues and a wedding planner will be helpful in handling this kind of issues.

Make the Big Day Stress-free

You don’t want to be tensed or stressed during the wedding day, right? However, dealing with vendors, professional and all other related things will definitely make you feel stressed. A wedding is a big event and it is not very easy to coordinate everything on your own.

Now you might be thinking that you have your family members and relatives to help you with all these things but the truth is the lack of coordination in the team will cause additional problems and again stress.

A wedding planner is an experienced professional and would have coordinated many wedding before. This experience helps them find out the possible pitfalls and plan and coordinate the event without any problem. Moreover, vendors and professional would find it easy to deal with a wedding planner rather than directly with bride or groom or their parents.

Stay Organized

Wedding planners would have years of experience in this field which would help them to coordinate and supervise the event effectively. Moreover, they would be organized which would reduce unnecessary tensions and possible risks.

Control Budget

You might be wondering how hiring a wedding planner can save you money because hiring a wedding planner cost you additional expense. It is not true. Wedding planners have relationships with vendors and professionals like photographers, make-up artists, florists and decoration artists etc. required for a wedding. This will help you to hire professionals and buy stuff from vendors for a lower price.

Now does it make sense?

Moreover, wedding planners can book your wedding venues for discount rates. Basically, if you spend some money on hiring a wedding planner, you can save a lot of money in many ways. Now you know why you need a wedding planner for a wedding on a controlled budget.

Decorate the Space

The decoration and make-up are very important in a wedding. Unless you are very talented you can’t decorate the space elegantly. You will need professional florists or decoration artists to handle them Wedding planners can do them by themselves or they may have a team of florist, artists for make-up, lighting and for other things.

There is a variety of styles in decorating space including, traditional, modern, rustic, Scandinavian, minimalistic and contemporary. Moreover, there are color schemes for matching to the seasons. If the decoration is done professionally considering all these aspects, no doubt, it will be a feast for the eyes of your guests.

Handle the Legal Matters

If you are thinking like “do I need a wedding planner for a small wedding in a wedding destination”, I would say a wedding planner is a must for a destination wedding whether it is small or big. You will have to take care of lots of things including legal matters regarding the wedding registration. You will not have to worry about all these things if you have a wedding planner.

Moreover, if you plan a wedding outside India, you may have to complete some formalities to take your wedding ornaments. If you are not aware of customs duty and related formalities, you will have to pay a huge amount of customs duty at the airport. You need to plan and do all formalities before your trip and a wedding planner can do all these things for you.

Prepare the Wedding Ceremony Space

Wedding planners have knowledge of wedding ceremonies of all religions and castes. This helps them to set the wedding ceremony the space considering your faith and wedding customs.

Moreover, there are different styles of decoration like modern and traditional and it needs acute attention to details from to make the wedding ceremony venue look like the way you want. A wedding planner would have lots of ideas for this which will help you.

Quick Makeover of Ceremony Venue into Reception Area

Sometimes, you would have to do things very quick due to the lack of time. If you are planning the wedding ceremony and reception in the same area, you would have to alter the ceremony space for the wedding reception in a short span of time. It will be difficult for you to manage this during the event. Wedding planners can do this very quickly which will help you stay cool and free after the ceremony.

Plan and Coordinate Activities during the Reception

Some people would love some activities during the wedding reception but don’t have ideas. A wedding planner can contribute with unique ideas to make the wedding reception exciting and interesting. They can also manage all those things for you.

Now, I think you got some ideas on how a wedding planner can be helpful. Find a wedding planner for your wedding and make it a grand and majestic event. If you are wondering how soon you should hire a wedding planner, I would say you can hire a wedding planner the very moment you start planning the wedding venue, style of decoration and wedding food menu.

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