We, Indians, can’t think about a wedding without a party with a huge crowd of relatives, friends and acquaintances. We get their blessing by serving the tasty and rich food.

It has become like the better the food the better the wedding party. So no one would compromise on the quality of the food they serve for their guests.

If you want to treat your guests at your wedding party in Chennai with the best food, we can help you. We offer wedding catering services in Chennai with a wide variety of cuisines from traditional south Indian dishes to Mediterranean cuisine.

The dream every host is to serve their guests with food that they will never forget in their life. If you hire to prepare the food for you, we will make you feel proud. We guarantee you the nice words from your guests about the quality of the food. Wherever you host your wedding party in Chennai, we can provide you our service without failure. Whether it is in the banquet halls in the center of city or resorts in the beaches of Mahabalipuram, we will be right there to help you serve your guest with amazing dishes.

We are Foodies and We Love Food

We will make your guests crave for more food. We love food and it is not a mere business for us. It is a passion. We never compromise on the quality of the food and we make. We go any extend to hear the good word from your guests about the food we made. So, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the food if you choose us for food catering at your wedding party.

Our professionals are passionate in making good food and love feeding people. We see cooking as an art. Everyone can cook that but it needs real mastery and skills to make food that would be appreciated by others.

Magical Recipe

Our chefs love experiments. They blend different tastes and create new fusions that no one has tried before. We encourage experiments and learning new tricks to make the food even tastier. We use traditional ways of making the food for traditional dishes to give you the exact taste of the food you had decades back. Our traditional food will take you back to the days. It will remind you of the sweet memories of your past.

We have fusion cuisines to give you unique and distinctive dishes that you may not find elsewhere in Chennai. We acquired the recipes right from the masters in particular recipes along with their personal tricks.

Extensive Menu

We are a one-stop solution for all catering needs because we have chefs for a variety of cuisine. We can provide you whatever type of menu you choose for your wedding party. We got a huge list of different dishes to choose from and you will not have to get different caterers to get different dishes.

It is not uncommon for a wedding party in Chennai to have guests from Europe, North America or the Far East or Australia. It is likely that some of them don’t like Indian food and would prefer international items. You don’t have to worry about to get European or American dishes. We have professionals with expertise in the different type of food and hence we can provide any type of food you want.

Vegetarian Menu

You may want a completely vegetarian menu sometime. We can provide you traditional rice and sambar along with 10+ different varieties of side dishes and payasam. We learned tricks from old masters to make traditional dishes in the right way. We preserve the purity of the tradition and don’t let the modern cooking ways to club with it.

Wedding Cake

We have gifted cake bakers in our team to make astonishing wedding cakes for your big day. You don’t have to search anywhere else to prepare your wedding cake. The cakes we make are both tasty an artwork. We bet you that your guests will say “wow” seeing the beauty and elegance of your wedding cake.

On-Spot Cooking

We got a special caravan to make food on sight. We will make the food right at the party and your guests can eat them as soon it is prepared. This would be a great experience for your visitors. This feature is good for parties with a couple of hundreds.

Trusted Vendors

We have relationships with trusted vendors and we use only quality products and hygienic items in the food we make. We don’t use garbage items like other companies may do. We are committed to the quality and we use only quality equipment and items for the recipe.

Our relationship with the vendors helps us get the stuff for a discounted price. This helps us to offer you our catering service in Chennai for affordable rates. We can get you additional packet foods at discounted rates if you want.

Sample Testing

You don’t have to choose a food without knowing how it tastes. We arrange the facility to test our variety of dishes and choose the best. Our chefs are happy to make you samples of the dishes you are interested to make sure you like them. We want to keep up your expectation by offering the food you love.

You can bring your family members and taste a sample of the dishes you like. We want you to choose the food you like, not us. Each person has different concepts of the food they want to have for their wedding. Whatever be your preferences, we got numerous dishes in each type of cuisines.

All Type of Parties

Whether you have thousands of guests or a few of picked guests, or you host your party in a banquet hall or outdoor venue, we can deliver you the food the way you want. We can meet food requirements for both big and small parties. If you are planning a budget wedding, we will help you with affordable services to help you meet your budget and expense.

We are the masters in the catering industry in Chennai and we prepare food with lots love and we promise you that our food will be loved by your guests.