Are you thinking about hiring a wedding planner but worried about the additional cost? You don’t have to worry anymore about the wedding planner cost in Chennai. We can offer you wedding planner service for affordable price.

The cost of wedding planner would vary based on the service you expect. A full A2Z service for your wedding is obviously expensive than planning-only service. Additionally, the time we would have to put into your wedding and resources we use also play a role in determining the final cost.

The Necessity of a Wedding Planner

The busy schedule of the people and complexities of the city life made it compulsory for people in Chennai to hire a wedding planner in order to plan and coordinate the wedding successfully. It has become necessary for even small weddings to have a wedding planner. It’s not a luxury anymore. People think that hiring a wedding planner causes additional cost to the wedding and so to skip the wedding planner. It doesn’t have to be like that. Wedding planners can sometimes help you to conduct your wedding in a controlled budget.

Wedding Planners Prices and Packages

The package varies based on the season and requirements. Our basic package starts from 40,000 rupees. This package includes venue, catering for 300 people and basic decoration. As the number of guests or decoration requirements goes up the price also go up. Each wedding is unique and the requirements are different. Therefore, we decide the rate only after considering the demands of the clients and required services.

We are flexible in our package and we charge only for what you need. We don’t have any fixed packages. We customize packages based on the particular service you need and needn’t.

We offer complete solutions for a wedding planning and we are top on the list of best wedding planners in Chennai.

Wedding Event Management in Chennai

In this package, we provide A2Z service from choosing the booking wedding venue to the decoration and from catering to logistics. The rate would vary based on your menu, venue, the number of guests and decoration requirements. We offer all services related to the wedding under an umbrella.

In this package, you don’t have to worry about hiring different professionals separately. We will get you talented florists, photographers, decorators, make-up artists and other professionals.

We have associations with these kinds of professionals and we can get them for you. We ensure quality service from the professionals. They are trustable and you don’t have to worry about the low-quality service.

Planning-Only Service in Chennai

We also provide planning only services for those who want to use particular professionals. You will get a professional to help you create a plan based on your dreams, budget, requirements, and tastes. We give a clear picture to your abstract ideas and help you form an idea about exactly how your wedding should be.

We can help you with ideas on how to incorporate particular themes into your wedding. We have years of experience in organizing theme wedding with various themes. We know unique ways to combine theme into the wedding decoration.

This service is consultancy and therefore would not include implementation. However, we will help you with ideas on how to implement the plans.

Budget Wedding Planners in Chennai

We can help you plan and coordinate your wedding on a controlled budget. We have years of experience in this field and we know various tips to reduce the cost maximum.

We have relationships with different wedding vendors in Chennai and can get you stuff for discounted prices. We can also get you decorative items for lower prices which would considerably reduce the total expense. We have tie-ups with most of the wedding venues in Chennai and therefore, we can get you them in any busy schedules.

Luxury Wedding in Chennai

We can also help you plan your wedding the way you dream if you are looking for a high-cost wedding. We will find perfect venues for you and decorate the way you wish. We have resources and professionals to plan and execute your wedding in a grand way.

We would transform your wedding venue into a palace with elegant decoration. We enhance the area with proper lighting. We can make your wedding in lavish style through grand decoration and a wide range of other features. Our goal for a luxury wedding is to earn you the appreciation from your guests.

We personalize every aspect of your wedding and give a character to the party. We make unique wedding setting for your wedding and ensure a royal style for the wedding venue decoration.

We also provide hospitality service for your guests and give them an amazing experience on your wedding. We will serve them international cuisine and we will make the event the most memorable event in their life.

Destination Wedding Planners in Chennai

We also provide destination wedding services for people in Chennai. We can book venues inside and outside India for them and help them get married there. We take care of all matters regarding the planning and coordination and therefore you don’t have to worry about any hassles.

A destination wedding without proper planning would definitely cost you more money. We know that you don’t have any previous experience this. Therefore, the best option for your wedding in a destination is hiring a wedding planner if you are concerned about the cost; whether it is a minimalistic small wedding or posh wedding.

We have strategic relationships with trustable freelance wedding planners in most of the famous destination wedding venues. The joint venture of wedding planner from home country and destination would make a fusion of different styles which would give the wedding a unique style.

Whether it is a big fat wedding or minimalistic simple wedding, we can help you make it successful event through proper planning and execution. We are expert in managing both low-budget and high-budget wedding. We are the best wedding event management companies in Chennai and we have the resources and ideas to make any kind of wedding successful regardless the cost of the wedding.

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