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One Of The Best Wedding Planners In Chennai

Looking for Wedding Planners in Chennai, your search stops here. We are a one stop solution for all your wedding needs. Planning and executing a wedding in today’s frenetic lifestyle has become a time consuming and troublesome process. Don’t worry we are here to help you out. We manage every little detail and create wonderful weddings, from a simple wedding to a grand weeklong wedding.

Subha Mugurtham Wedding Planner in Chennai takes utmost care in delivering the best out of the very special day of your life, your wedding day. We ensure, that you cherish each and every moment of your wedding day as we take complete responsibility in executing your wedding. Whether you want us to provide support on the day of your wedding or to plan and execute the whole event, you can count on us!

Weddings are not only a very important occasion in a family but also a very expensive affair. With too many rituals to follow and lot of arrangements to be made, it is impossible to manage everything single-handedly. From buying clothes to jewellery to arranging for catering to planning the decoration theme, it all requires time, patience and expertise. It is well understood that not many have the luxury of spending time to take of all this and this is where the wedding planners come into picture. Do you have a family wedding lined up in Chennai? In such cases, it is best to opt for a wedding planner in Chennai. Who actually are we and what we as wedding planners in Chennai essentially do? To put it in simple terms, SM Wedding Planner takes care of all the events from A to Z of a wedding.

Wedding Invitations

Designing and Printing of invitations matching the event theme.

Wedding Venue

Choosing the best location based on your budget and expections.

Wedding Decoration

Floral, lighting, baloon decoration based on the theme choosed.


South Indian, North Indian, Chinese cuisine basesd on your choice.


Wedding Photography

Wedding photography based on your style and budget.

Wedding Videography

Wedding videography in a wide range of styles from traditional to cinematic.


DJs, live music, artists, performers, pyrotechnics, sound and lighting.

Honeymoon Packages

Choosing the best package meeting your needs and requirements.

Wedding On A Budget?

It does't matter whether you are looking for ultra high end or budget wedding planners in Chennai, we craft wedding packages based on your requirement and budget and ensure that you enjoy every moment of your wedding without burning your pocket.

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Every client has a budget in mind before embarking on the task of choosing one of the numerous wedding planners in Chennai. To make matters easy for such clients, there are several budget wedding planners in Chennai like us who agree to work on reasonable budgets. How is it possible? Well, the best wedding planners in Chennai do have a nexus with various service providers such as the wedding venues, entertainment artistes, honeymoon tour operators, etc. This will ensure that the clients get a big fat discount which means everything will work within their budget. Wedding planners do offer packages which makes it easy for the clients. Also, customised packages are offered for those clients who wish to choose the services they require. Be it a shoestring budget or a big fat wedding that you have in mind, just get in touch with us immediately. A discussion with our representative will give an idea of the services that are offered and the clients are sure to be awed with the very competitive rates at which it is offered. Why do you need to sign up with SM wedding planner? Here is how it all works:

  • Get in touch with SM wedding planner once the wedding is fixed.
  • Confirm the date.
  • Our wedding planners will first work out a budget.
  • Discuss about the wedding venue, the cost and its availability for the date chosen.
  • Make sure to visit the wedding venue with our wedding planner to find out of it has all the facilities that you have listed out.
  • Check out the list of caterers that the planner comes up with. Discuss the cuisine and menu well before to avoid last minute disappointments.
  • Our wedding planner will also have a list of entertainment ideas which the clients can choose from.
  • Discuss with the decorator about the decoration ideas and colour themes. Our wedding planner will help the clients pick out the best as they have good experience.
  • We have a tie-up with the beauty parlours and this will get their clients a good discount.
  • Our wedding planners also work with tour operators to get a big price slash on the honeymoon packages. An international honeymoon package or local destination, whatever you have in mind, just let the wedding planner know and you are sure to get the best deals.
SM wedding planners make life a lot easier by arranging everything at a reasonable price while ensuring the clients stay relaxed and unwind on the big day. Get your wedding arrangements done effortlessly by choosing the right wedding planner in town. After all, it is a once in a lifetime occasion that brings your entire family and friends together!
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