In a society where food is given prime importance, many would be aware that the worth of a wedding is measured by the food that is served. There is no point in hosting a grand gala event without proper food. After all, food is an integral part of every event; particularly weddings.

Be it a big fat wedding or a simple marriage ceremony, food is as important as the ceremony itself. No wedding is complete without food. Being a once in a lifetime event, the hosts prefer to treat their guests with the most delicious food.

When it comes to serving the best of delicacies, we need the right food catering service. So, where do we find a good catering service provider? With too much of work going into the wedding preparation coupled with daily chores and a career to manage, getting to choose the right caterer might not be easy.

The next big question is: where to find the right catering service? Subha Mugurtham Wedding Planner will provide the right solution.

Yes, we offer a wide range of choice in helping our clients choose the right caterers because it is understood that they have to cater to the taste of every individual client accordingly.

The types of cuisine that are generally preferred would range from traditional south Indian to north Indian and continental to oriental. And there are various other choices as well. Yes, it all boils down to the requirement of the clients and Subha Mugurtham Wedding Planner is well aware of how to help them make the right decision.

Apart helping to choose the right cuisine and menu for the wedding and reception, wes also offer other array of services such as juice stalls, candy stalls, and pop corn counters to entertain the children.

It is certainly not easy to finalise on the menu. When two different families with totally different background and tastes come together, choosing a balanced menu that will tickle the taste buds of the guests is the key for a perfect wedding. Subha Mugurtham Wedding planner can help the clients here to choose the best catering service that will come up with an appropriate menu.

Soon after finalising on the cuisine and the delicacies to be served, the clients can also discuss with us about the way the food is to be served. While some may prefer a sit-down buffet, others may want a buffet replete with cocktails / mocktails. All this needs to be discussed with us. Of course, the price tag attached to the service would change depending on clients’ requirement and what’s on the menu.

When you get in touch with us, you will realise that you have entrusted the job to the best in the industry. At Subha Mugurtham Wedding Planner, we provide world class service, ensuring that every client is satisfied completely.

Well, get in touch with us right away. We are your one stop shop to zero in on the right catering service.