Can you imagine a wedding ceremony without a Purohit or Priest? Of course, not! Having decided on a wedding ceremony that is completely ritualistic and ceremonial, the next thing that comes to your mind would be a Purohit or Priest to solemnise it.

We do live in a society where rituals are given enormous importance due to the values that our elders have imbibed in us. Therefore, having a Purohit or Priest to solemnise the wedding is the right thing to do.

Further, these rituals are not simply baseless as everything has an underlying meaning and scientific reason attached to it. So, a Purohit or Priest is considered to be an integral part of a wedding ceremony. A Purohit or Priest will fix the right muhurtham or auspicious time suitable for the bride and groom to enter into wedlock depending on their horoscope. This is considered to be important because the right time will ensure they have a long, successful and happy married life.

Apart from fixing the muhurtham, Purohit or Priest would also conduct the wedding by reciting mantras and make sure that all the rituals are done perfectly for the well being of the couple and their respective families.

Some may be fortunate enough to have a priest well acquainted with the family but all are not so lucky. Further, people living in foreign countries may have planned a wedding in their homeland but may not be able to rope in a Purohit or Priest. In such cases, running from pillar to post to book a Purohit or Priest can be tedious; particularly if it is a heavy wedding season.

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