Everybody wants a grand gala wedding, no doubt. While an Indian wedding is full of rituals and ceremonies, in the recent times, the entertainment factor has also been brought in to mesmerize the guests. After all, not everyone would be keen on the rituals alone.

There is quite a lot of entertainment ideas being planned out and mostly it works out so well that the guests are left dizzy with joy. Exceptional entertainment ideas will remain etched out in the memories of the guests forever. Here are a few entertainment ideas that will let your guests have a whale of a time!

Here are some ideas:
Get everybody on to the dance floor: What is a wedding without shaking a leg with the bride and groom? Yes, dancing to the rhythms of some of the best film numbers will ensure everybody has a good time along with the newly-weds. Be it disco, bhangra, or salsa, just swing to the tunes and enjoy the moment just to re-live it again and again!

Cocktail time: Making some of the exotic cocktails and having a swig with close buddies is what many consider as the best entertainment. Most weddings aren’t complete without the specific cocktail time. Choosing the right drinks to have the guests in the right spirit will make the wedding celebrations perfect.

Magic show: While the elders are having a good time dancing on the floors or at the cocktail party, children will be engaged with the magic show. Hiring a magician for a magic show is the right thing to do to have the kids occupied.

Tattoos: Bring in a tattoo artiste to have kids tattooed. This will keep the kids engaged while the elders are indulging in what fancies them the most.

Puppet show: Hiring a Puppeteer for a good puppet show will have the kids’ undivided attention, for sure.

Caricature artiste: It would be great to have a caricature artiste onboard to make a picture of the guests as and when they arrive. This is not only an entertainment but the guests will also have something with them which will serve as a long-lasting memory of your wedding.

Celebrities / Impersonators: The rich and the famous can easily afford to have popular film stars grace the wedding and dance to a few tunes. And in case of those that can’t afford that luxury, the idea is to bring an impersonator to do the antics and have the guests applaud.

Tarot and Parrot reading: Want to know what the destiny holds for your guests? It is best to engage a tarot or parrot reading expert. People are always intrigued by astrology and it would be a great entertainment to know what is store for you in future.

Now that you are aware that weddings are not just rituals but entertainment has become an integral part of it, make the most of it by engaging the best service providers in the industry. In doubt over how to hire the right people? Just check out with us and your problems will be solved immediately.