No one would want to get married secretly until and unless their situation so demands. After all, a wedding is one affair that needs to be celebrated in the midst of close relatives and friends. What is a wedding without you being surrounded by your loved ones? Would you not want the blessings of your family and wishes of your friends and acquaintances?

Therefore, as soon as a wedding is finalised, families of the bride and groom immediately set about to prepare the wedding guest list. This list is essential to make sure no one is left out. Once this list is drawn out, the other preparations also go on simultaneously.

The next big question is guest management. Relatives and friends may arrive for your wedding from different parts of the world. So, how would you want to accommodate them, arrange food and beverages, and make their stay comfortable in every other way?

With a wedding, demanding too much of your attention as many other issues such as decorations, shopping, venue selection etc, will top the list; making arrangements for your guests may not be easily manageable. So, what do you do in such cases? Well, it is best to leave the wedding planner do it for you. Let us check out what goes into the guest management plan:

Ensuring that the guests are picked from the airport or railway station
Accommodating them in a comfortable hotel or residence
Arranging for food and beverages
Arrange for sight-seeing and small excursions
Making transportation facilities
And to ensure every other requirement of the guests are fulfilled to make their stay a memorable one.

A wedding can be a taxing time for the families concerned. At this point, it would be impossible for them to take care of the guests. So, how does one manage their guests and make them feel welcomed?

Well, the best thing to do is to have us onboard. What exactly do we do? When you feel it is essential to have a guest management strategy planned out; particularly, if you are expecting guests from other cities or countries, it is best to engage a Subha Mugurtham Wedding Planner.

Subha Mugurtham Wedding Planner is the right option as we have a well planned guest management strategy. Right from ensuring the guests’ arrival to having them safely accommodated and arranging for food and refreshments, we will make all the arrangements until the departure.

Every guest should be taken care of so that they feel welcomed, pampered and happy. But how would you manage it when you have other important issues to deal with? This is where we would chip in! To get the best guest management services, it is essential to rope in an accomplished wedding planner.

Get in touch with us; discuss your ideas on guest management and the services to be rendered for the guests. After all, happy guests would make the wedding a grand gala event, isn’t it?