Weddings needn’t always be the extravagant affair that everyone relates it to. Several people prefer to opt for low-key wedding due to budget constraints. Apart from merely monetary reasons there could be other reasons as well for a couple opting for a budget wedding. For example, a couple may want to donate the money for a good cause.


Planning for a budget wedding but don’t know how to? Well, there are way too many ways to save. A wedding without pulling your purse strings too much is indeed possible! Read on to know more!

Here are a few tips that could help couples with their budget wedding plans:

Limit the number of invitees

It is well understood that a couple would want to invite everyone near and dear to them to witness the big event happening in their life. But, if you want to go in for a budget wedding then the best way to save is to limit the guest list. Let your invitees’ list be as small as it could be. Choose only the dearest and nearest to both of you. Perhaps only the immediate family members and a few besties that you can’t do without? Work on the guest list together to avoid confusion over the numbers.

Wedding Venue

Did you know that the rent of the wedding venue would eat away a major portion of your budget? Yes, wedding venues are the most expensive. However, there are a lot of venues with limited space and amenities available only to cater to the needs of couples opting for a budget wedding. Still not convinced about the low-cost wedding? Well, you could always go in for a court wedding or a register marriage. Some couples are comfortable getting married in their own homes with just their parents and siblings around. Also getting married in a religious place may be a good option.These ideas are the best money savers.


Food is one of the essentials of a wedding. In fact, no wedding is complete without offering the guests a good meal. A good meal doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive meal. Scrumptious meals at very fair prices are available. Just enquire with friends and family about the local caterers offering meals at competitive rates. If engaging a caterer is out of question, then serve guests home cooked meals. Seek the help of elderly family members to help you with the cooking. Some couple also treat their guests with a high tea instead of a lunch or dinner to save on the cost. It all depends on how much you can afford to spend or not.

Wedding clothes

The grandeur of the wedding depends on how much one spends on the wedding clothes. Well, if you are getting things on a budget put that thought on the backseat! Yes, it is not essential to go in for grand costumes for the bride and groom. There are decent clothes for both the bride as well as the groom available at very competitive rates. Did you know that wedding attires are available on rent as well? Couples not wanting to spend too much on the clothes can go in for rentals. It would work out much cheaper than buying one. Did you know that some brides prefer to wear their mom’s wedding costumes? A great saver indeed!


Every bride and groom would want to look their best on their big day and wouldn’t mind spending on the make-up. There are way too many bridal make-up packages available. So, choose the most economical one. Is your budget so constrained that you cannot afford a professional make-up artiste? In fact, the cost of engaging a professional make-up artiste is extremely high. So what does one do in such cases? Well, it is best get it done at home. Just Google to find out the best make-up tips. This is sure to help the couple look their best without spending a fortune on the make-up.

Wedding Decoration

Decorate the place brightly with flowers, balloons etc. It doesn’t cost much and it can be done easily with the help of friends and family. Put your imagination to work right now!

Cut down on pre-wedding events

A wedding does have a lot of pre-wedding ceremonies attached to it. However, couples with a budget to work on needn’t go in for those ceremonies. Of course, it is fun to have some pre-wedding ceremonies as they are real stress busters. But do away with all of it to cut down on the costs. Want some stress busters? Invite a few friends and family for an informal get together right before the wedding. Some snacks and drinks and it’s time to enjoy!

Photos and video

Everyone would want to document the big day in their life with a few photos and, perhaps, a video. Engaging a professional to get it done will turn out to be too expensive. Why not entrust that work to close friend or a trusted cousin? Appoint one of your closest aides to wield the camera. With too many high-end cameras available, it shouldn’t be a difficult job.


No wedding is replete without jewellery. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the bride should be decked up with tons of jewels. Limit the use of jewels. It will certainly make the bride look classy and elegant.

Wedding planners

Wedding planners do make your jobs easy by taking care of everything. But a common myth is that wedding planners are expensive, if you too believe in such myth get in touch with us. Infact being one of the top wedding planners in Chennai we could bring down wedding venue and catering costs drastically as we have tie ups with many wedding vendors. Actually, reducing the wedding expense is one of the major reasons for why people hire a wedding planner. We will certainly work in tandem with your inputs and within your budget.

We believe the above tips should be of help to couples looking to save on their wedding costs. A wedding is an event that should help a couple develop a deep bond between themselves and raise the family with good human values. Therefore, it is not necessary to opt for a grand event which might burn a hole in your pocket!


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