An image showing how to reduce the wedding cost without looking cheap

Are you looking for some practical ways to reduce your wedding expense?

Here we have got a few tips that you may find super useful.

We have curated a list of 10 tips to reduce the wedding expense without compromising anything. All the tips in this list are practical and actionable. We have also included several other tricks to make your wedding look more glamorous at lower rates.


#1 Schedule Your Wedding for Off-season

If you dare to schedule your wedding for the off-season, you can save a huge amount. Wedding venues, caterers and other vendors and suppliers will provide great discounts during the off-season. So you can book your favorite wedding venue and caterers at a very lower rate.

Apart from the wedding vendors and suppliers, wedding professional also will offer deep discounts. If you hire a wedding planner, they can help you with this because they will have a better idea of the wedding venues and vendors who offer great discounts during the off-season.


#2 Book the Right Venue

You don’t have to go to a wedding venue that is at the center of the city.

Instead, you can choose a wedding venue on the outskirts of the city which charge less. This way, you can get a good wedding venue with decent facilities and ample parking area at a lower price.

You should also remember that resorts are more expensive than marriage halls. So, it is better to choose marriage halls for a wedding if you want to reduce the costs.


#3 Go for Traditional Cuisine

Serving too many international items will increase your catering cost. The catering service providers generally charge higher amounts for international cuisine due to different reasons.

Therefore, it is better to avoid such expensive items. If you follow a desi cuisine for your wedding, you can reduce the extra expense.

The only exception is when you have guests from abroad. You can’t force them to east your traditional food.


#4 Choose Artificial Flowers and Lights for Décor

Choose decoration team who has artificial flowers and varieties of decorating lights. These are budget options compared to fresh flowers and fabric.

When you use lots of fabrics for the decoration, it will increase your expense. Instead of using drapes excessively for the decoration, go for lighting. This will save you a lot.

It doesn’t mean you should completely avoid fabrics like drapes; limit their use and relay on lighting for the decoration.


#5 Get Your Outfit for Rent

You might be thinking of getting the wedding outfit for the rent is a very cheap idea. It is not; brides and grooms all over the world get outfits for rent.

You don’t have to spend a huge amount on the dress that you will use only once in your life. You are not going to use your expensive wedding outfit ever in your life again. It will stay in your wardrobe consuming a lot of space.

You can see shops where you can get wedding outfits for rent in all major cities and small towns in India. Many people do make use of it and save a huge amount. You can also do that.

Even the brides and grooms from the developed countries opt to get their wedding outfit for rent because it is a practical and rational idea.


#6 Get Your Outfit Stitched

This may not be possible for all kinds of dresses. However, you can get wedding outfits tailored locally in all cities. You can save money to a small extent this way.


#7 Get the Jewelry for Rent Instead of Buying Them

If you want to use a lot of jewelry for your wedding, it is better to get some for rent. In India, the bride will never wear all the jewelry again in her life. You may use only a couple of them. If you won’t need all of them in the future, why do you buy it?

Investing in the gold jewelry is a terrible idea. Therefore, it is better to get the wedding jewelry for rent.

Alternatively, you can also get some jewelry items from your family members, relatives, and friends.

Unfortunately, jewelry of the bride is a part of the dowry in India. So, this tip may not be useful for all people.


#8 Go for E-Wedding Cards

The traditional printed wedding card is an unnecessary cost today. You can create digital wedding cards and sent it to your guests.

You can create an image and send them via WhatsApp. You can also create an HTML email. If you decide to go digital for the wedding cards, you can even start your wedding websites where you can include photos, videos, and information about the wedding venue.


#9 Video Wedding Invitation

Another cool way is to create a professional video in which you will invite your guests to your wedding. Then you can send them to your guests via WhatsApp.

If you have a friend, family member or relative with expertise in video production, they can help you with this. The benefit is that it doesn’t cost them much. All they need to put to make a great video of your wedding invitation is a couple of hours.

You can hire a professional or amateur video professional or studio. The cost will be less compared to printed wedding cards.


#10 Hire Amateur Photographer/Videographer

Hiring a professional photographer for two days will cost you a huge amount. Instead, you can go for amateur photographers to get your work done.

You can also consider amateur photographers among your friends or relatives. If there is anyone skilled in photography but doesn’t have a camera, you can get a camera and other equipment for rent.

This is another easy way to save your money. You should remember that the quality of the work of amateur photographers will be less compared pros.

Therefore, you need a few different things to get quality photos:

You should create some plans along with your photographer. Internet is a great source to find for some inspirations.

You should also give more time to the photographer to take better photographs.

We believe that these tips are practical and anyone can implement them easily. If you have tried any of these tips for your wedding, please let us know. It will make us happy to know that we could you.