Are you overwhelmed with different things you need to do during your wedding planning?

It’s quite natural.

There are plenty of things to do, so it will be quite daunting to manage everything. If anything goes wrong, one of the most important days in your life will be ruined. It would become a tragic day that you will never want to remember.

Nobody wants a wedding a wedding like that. That is why we spend all our energy, time and money to plan a perfect and flawless wedding day.

Fortunately, now there free apps available for your smartphones that can make your job a lot easier and have well-organized planning.

Most of these apps will allow you to create a to-do list, set reminders, managing the checklist and managing the wedding professionals, vendors, and professionals, etc.


#1 Wedding Happy – Wedding Planner

When you open this app for the first time after the installation, it will ask you to enter your wedding day. If your wedding day is not fixed yet, you can enter an anticipated day.

You don’t need the internet connection to do most of the things on this app. But, you will need to be online to search and find wedding vendors and professionals.

  • After you entered the date, the app will create to-co-checklist with due dates. This is very useful to prioritize different things.
  • The app also allows you to customize the tasks and dates. So, you can make the checklist unique for your needs.
  • The wedding day countdown is a useful feature that will keep you reminding of the remaining days to your big day.
  • The payment tracking feature allows you to keep track of the expense. You can specify the amount for each thing and set the due date. You can see who you have paid and who you have to pay. The spending summary will show you the current expense and how much you have spent and how much remaining.
  • The dashboard will provide you an overview of the progress of your planning which is also very cool.
  • If your wedding date has been changed, you can update that on the app. The app will automatically update the checklist and change the due dates according to the new wedding date.

This app is available for Android as well as iPhone, but it contains ads. This app also offers a few in-app purchases to increase the functionality.

The premium version of the app will allow you to collaborate with your partner, friends, family, wedding planner and vendors using the app. It will make your planning period a lot easier.


#2 WedMeGood – Wedding Planner

This is a fantastic application which will make your wedding planning a lot a wonderful experience.

  • You can find wedding vendors according to your budget and style
  • The app shows the rating of the wedding vendors
  • Contact vendors through the app without sharing your contact details
  • You can discover new ideas and inspirations for the wedding
  • Create and keep track of the wedding checklist
  • Add your partner, friends, family members, relatives, wedding planner or vendors and work collaboratively

Above all these, you can browse the blog of the WedMeGood which features real people’s wedding experiences, wedding images, professional articles about the wedding trends and DIY tips for the wedding.


#3 Indian Wedding Planner

This is a very simple containing all the information you need to know about an Indian wedding.

This app doesn’t allow you to manage or do anything but provide all the information you need to know right from the initial planning to the honeymoon.

  • The cool feature of the app is it allows you to keep track of the wedding invitation. So, you will never have to feel confused whether you have sent the invitation to someone or not.
  • Besides that, it also allows you to keep track of the expense and budget.

Bride Preparation

The Bride Preparation section provides the information and checklist for the bride like the following:

  • Bridal accessories
  • Haircare
  • Mehendi
  • Jewelry
  • Make-up
  • Bridal Sari

Similarly, this app also provides the tips and information that would help the groom.

For those who are curious, this app can provide you even the information about India wedding history, ancient customs, and traditions.


#4 I Do – Wedding Planning and Photo App

This is a fantastic app that will help you and your guests. It gives you the complete control of your wedding planning while your guests can see them so that they can be prepared.

  • You can start by setting up a budget and keep track of the wedding expense and remaining amount.
  • A unique feature of this wedding plan app is that it allows you to create a set of wedding gifts. Your guests can see this list and they can purchase one of them whatever they like.
  • If you add your wedding venue, your guests can access the directions to the venue and find hotels and other facilities nearby the wedding venue which will be very helpful for your guests.
  • Apart from that, your guests can upload the images and videos of your wedding on your profile, but it will not be published until you accept it.
  • You can also create seating plans, list of meals so that your guests can see them before.

The premium version of the app will allow you to send invitations and your guests to send back RSVP.  Your guests don’t need to purchase the premium package to receive the invitation and send back RSVP


#5 WedAbout Wedding Planning App

This app is a fantastic platform to find wedding vendors and professionals in India. Using this app, you will never have to struggle again to find the best wedding vendors, wedding-related service providers, and suppliers.

You can find the following services using this app:

  • Wedding Décor
  • Wedding Catering
  • Bridal wear
  • Makeup and Mehendi
  • Photography/Videography
  • Entertainment (DJ, Choreographer, Singers, Band and Dance Troup)
  • Logistics and many more

If you have liked any service provider, you can request a quote from them.

Alternatively, you can also Post Requirement which will recommend you a few vendors and service providers. Then you can get a quote from them.

You can find vendors and various service providers for the wedding as well as any event related to the wedding like the cocktail party, bachelor party, reception, and wedding anniversary, etc.


Final Words

These are a few apps that will definitely make your wedding planning a lot easier. The items in this list are not alternatives for each other. So, you will have to use multiple apps depending on your requirements.

Please let’s know if this list has helped you. Your comments will help us to provide you with more useful ideas.