When you choose a caterer for your wedding, you need to choose someone who understands your ideas and deliver service accordingly. Apart from the quality of their service, you should also consider if they are approachable because you will work them closely during the party.

Your communication with the caterer should be effective so that they understand your needs and ideas and you understand their nature and policy better.

We have listed a few questions to ask before you hire your wedding caterer. These questions will help you to avoid further troubles after choosing the caterer.


#1 Are they available on your wedding day?

The availability of caterer is the most important factor. You should make sure they are available for your wedding day.


#2 What is their specialization or what would they recommend for your wedding?

Some caterers may have specialization when it comes to the cuisine. You can ask them what they would recommend for your wedding. It is also better to ask them about the cuisine that won the appreciation of their clients or earn a good name.


#3 Do they provide food tasting service?

Caterers generally offer free food tasting which helps people to check how particular food item taste. An opportunity for the tasting will also help you to evaluate the caterer. Some caterers may charge for the food tasting. You should also ask about that to the caterer.


#4 Has the caterer done an event at your location before?

If the caterer has done an event before at your wedding venue, it would be great. They will l=be already familiar with the facilities and lack of facilities in that location which will help them to come prepared. Apart from that, they may also give you some advice regarding the cuisine or other aspects of the wedding.


#5 Do they provide glass or metal plates, tumblers and other items?

Most of the caterers only provide disposable glasses and plates etc. If you don’t want that, you should make sure if they can provide whatever type of plates and glass you want.

You should also ask them about the linen for the table and chair.


#6 Do they provide a banquet manager?

Professional wedding caterers would provide you a banquet manager to coordinate the meal service. This will ensure smooth functioning of the catering team and better service for your guests.


#7 The difference in cost for buffet and sit-down meals

Some caterers charge higher for buffet meal while some others charge higher for a sit-down meal. You need to ask your caterer about the cost for both types.


#8 What is the amount you need to book the date and its due date?

You need to pay an amount as a deposit to book the date. You should ask them how much is that amount when is the last day to pay that. This amount and due date may vary from caterer and caterer.  It is better to know about this.

You can also ask them about the last date to pay the final amount.


#9 Are there any extra charges?   

Catering costs are generally calculated per person; for example, 200 Rupees per person. However, don’t assume that that will be the only amount you will have to pay the caterer. Most of the time, you will need to pay additionally apart from the cost per person charges. The additional cost may include service charges, tax, and gratuity, etc.

Therefore, you should ask the caterer about their additional charges before you hire them. It is a better idea to ask the caterer about the full amount you need pay them based on your intended number of guests.


#10 Can they show you some photos of their previous events?

Seeing the photos of their previous events will help you to get a general idea about the quality of their service.

These photos may also help you to get some ideas for the wedding decoration and wedding planning.


#11 What is the ration between number of guests and servers?

You should make sure that your caterer sends an adequate number of servers to your event. If the number of servers is less, it may affect your party. Everything may be right but if there are not enough people to handle the party, it would be a bad experience for your guests.


#12 Will they be ready to work over time if the party runs longer? In that case what is their overtime fee?

Your wedding party may run longer sometimes. In such cases, the caterer may charge you additional costs for the extra time. You should also ensure that the catering team will be available for the extra time if your party runs longer than expected.


#13 What is their leftover policy?

Most of the caterers handle the leftovers by themselves. However, you should ask them about that. You may have moral concerns about the way the caterer deal with the left-over food. In that case, you should have a clear understanding of that.


#14 What will they need at the location?

Caterers may require some equipment or facilities at the venue and you should ask them what they need. This will vary from the caterer to caterer. If you think that they need unreasonable facilities, you can give them a negative mark for that when you compare different caterers to choose one.


#15 Can you change the menu after you signed the contract?

Many people change their mind over time when it comes to the wedding menu. You should check with the caterer if they are flexible to change the menu even after signing the contract if there is a reasonable time for the caterer.

You can’t expect them to change the menu at the last minute. If there at least a week of time, they might be ready.


#16 Can they provide any references?

It is always a better idea to talk with the previous clients of the caterer about their experience with the caterer. If the caterer’s service was poor, you can avoid hiring them and ruining your party.


You should always ensure the caterer can meet your expectation before you hire them.  Asking the questions we discussed above will help you to understand them better and avoid any possible trouble for choosing a wrong caterer.

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