Ideas to plan a memorable wedding

Every one of us wants to host a wedding that our guest will never forget in their entire life.

A wedding from where our guests will walk away saying “this is the best wedding I have ever been to.”

The first thing that might stop you from dreaming further about such a wedding would be your thought about the expenses. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a ton of extra money on this.

There are many different ways to make your wedding memorable for your guests. The following tips we discuss below will help you make the experience of your guests unforgettable.


#1 Welcome and Appreciate Your Guests

Your guests might have changed their schedule, too leave from work and spend lots of time and money to attend your wedding. They took so much effort to witness your wedding, be part of your joy and celebrate your big day with you because they love you and care about you. You must appreciate their efforts.

You should give your guests a warm welcome and let them know your happiness for their presence.


#2 Distribute Welcome Bags

You can think about distributing welcome bags to your guests. The kit or bag will contain some objects that guests will find useful during the wedding or reception. The items in the bag may include

  • Candies or chocolates
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen, lotion or hand sanitizer
  • Kerchief
  • Water bottle, wine or beer

You can also include items that guests can take to their home. If you choose items that they will keep in their house for a long time, it will remind them of your wedding all day,


#3 Thank you Note

Westerners sent a thank you note to their wedding guests to show the gratitude for their presence and gift. It is not a customary practice in India. However, you can do so if you wish. Your guests will remember your wedding for their entire life because it might be the first time they received a thank you note from the newlyweds.

Usually, the thank you letter is sent between 1 week and 3 months after the wedding.


#4 Give Out Return Gifts

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? A wedding return gift can definitely give your guests sweet memories of your wedding for their entire life.

Return gift is another western practice which is not that common in India. Therefore, it can give your guests some unique memories of your wedding. Generally, return gifts are distributed on the wedding day itself with a thank you note. You should remember that you need to gift something meaningful.


#5 Make the Blessing Ceremony Creative

In Indian weddings, guests will come and bless the newlyweds. You can think about different ways to make the blessing ceremony different that would be an exciting experience for the guests.


#6 Choose a Unique Wedding Venue

Think different! You can avoid a traditional wedding venue and choose a unique one for your wedding to make the event memorable for your guests. Most of the weddings in Chennai are hosted in regular wedding halls in the city.

For a change, you can consider an open beach wedding or wedding in a resort in hill stations.

Beach wedding: Beach wedding is not quite common in India. Therefore, you can think about that if you are fine with that. The Marina Beach of Chennai and Mahabalipuram Beach make Chennai the best destination for a beach wedding in Chennai. There are numerous resorts on those beaches which are suitable for a wedding reception.

Outdoor Wedding in a Resort: Outdoor wedding on a beach or hill station resort is another unique way wedding venue for Indian weddings. You can choose one venue based on your preferences.


#7 Serve Unique Cuisine

This is one of the easiest ways to make a wedding memorable. You can choose a menu that would leave your guests to say wow. If the guests like your food, they will remember it in their entire life.

It might be difficult to find such a unique cuisine that everyone would like. Therefore, you will need to find out the best wedding caterer in Chennai for your wedding. If you don’t want a completely distinctive cuisine, you can also think about different ways to make your menu unique.


#8 Plan a Mind Blowing Wedding Exit

Most of the Indian don’t give much importance to wedding exit ceremony. There are lots of different ways to make a wedding exit thrilling and splendid.

You can think about adding extra color to the traditional wedding exit. If it is on the night, your guests can use sparklers or different kinds of lights during the ceremony and create an arch for you and your partner to walk away from the wedding venue.

Balloons, pom poms, confetti and flower petals, etc. are some great options for an unforgettable wedding farewell.


#9 Celebrate with a Bang

You can make your wedding reception a celebration with crackers, sparklers, and fireworks. It will work best if it is on the night. It can give a celebration mood to the event which your guest will definitely love. They will never forget the real party-like wedding reception in their entire life.

Apart from that, such a celebration will also give amazing photographs.


#10 Carnival Dance

Along with DJ entertainment, you can also think about having a traditional group dance performances. Brazilian carnival dance is a great option you can try for. The dressing of the dancers itself is really funny, and it will elevate the mood of the party.


#10 Hire a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner can help people with creative ideas to make the wedding an unforgettable experience. You will have to customize some of the tips we discussed here based on the nature of your wedding. If you need creative assistance in planning a memorable wedding, the best idea would be hiring a wedding planner in Chennai. They will do everything on behalf of you to make your wedding a grand event.


You don’t need to spend a fortune to host an unforgettable wedding if you think creatively. All the tips we discussed here to host a memorable wedding don’t add much to the overall cost. We hope these ideas will help you to organize your dream wedding.