Weddings are a memorable occasion not only for the couple tying the nuptial knot but for their families and guests as well. Most of us would look forward for a wedding to happen as it promises to bring in lot of happiness, gaiety and grandeur. While guests showers the newlyweds with gifts, the families of the bride and groom cheer up the guests with return gifts.

Return gifts have been in vogue for several years now. The traditional ‘tamboolam’ bags containing a beetle leaf, nut, turmeric, kumkum and coconut was the auspicious return gift that several families have been giving to guests attending the wedding. Now, a lot of changes have gone into it, depending on the financial status of the bride and groom’s families.

Yes, return gifts have become a fad these days and there is no wedding complete without it. The families of the bride and groom choose gifts depending on their budget.
Some of the return gift ideas are simply amazing and here are a few that would help you choose a unique gift easily:

1. Jewel Boxes and Trinkets:
Jewel boxes come in all shapes and sizes and an ideal gift for ladies attending the wedding. Women simply love jewels and gifting them a brand new jewel box to safely store their precious pieces of jewellery should be the right thing to do. Jewel boxes are available in various materials such as metal, silver, and wood.

2. Vaastu, Feng Shui:
Vaastu and Feng Shui products are the best wedding return gifts, considering the positivity it bring in. Everyone desires for good luck and when gifted with items that can bring it in abundance, it will only cheer up those receiving it. Some Feng Shui or Vaastu products that may be given as return gifts are Mandarin ducks, wind chimes, crystals etc.

3. Divinity:
Idols also make a good choice for wedding return gifts. With the gift manufacturers coming up with a wide array of choices, it is easy for you to pick one depending on the budget. Idols can be chosen according to the religious orientation of the wedding parties. For example, idols of Krishna, Ganesha or Laxmi may be suitable for Hindus, while Christians may prefer Christ or Mother Mary.

4. Potted Plants:
The latest trend is to give away potted plants as a return gift. This is done to create awareness about global warming and importance of growing plants to save planet earth. Weddings attract huge number of people and would be an ideal place to create awareness!

5. Handmade Gifts:
Handmade Gifts would be a good choice if you are looking to help women from self-help groups and NGOs. Many organizations make handmade products such as purses, pouches, key chains, and books, which can be given as return gifts. The latest attraction in this section happens to be handmade jewellery. These exquisite pieces of jewellery are sure to leave your guest stunned. It will not only have your guests in awe but also help people in dire need gain monetarily. Yet another advantage of opting for handmade gifts is that they are eco-friendly.

6. Paintings:
Who wouldn’t want a painting to adorn the dull and boring walls in their homes? Yes, people do fancy paintings and giving it out as a return gift should be a good choice. There are a wide array of paintings that can be given as return gifts and it includes Madhubani paintings, nib art, Tanjore painting, or modern art.

7. Customised gifts:
Customised gifts are the in-thing now! However, this requires a lot of homework as you need to know the exact number of people who would attending the wedding and their names. Coffee mugs, t-shirts, key chains, and even chocolates can be customized. Yet another idea is to wrap up the return gift with the name of the guest engraved on the box.

8. Dry Fruit Boxes:
Dry Fruits are a good idea as well. And when wrapped up in exquisite boxes, it makes a good return gift. Dry fruits such as almonds, pistachios, raisins and cashew nuts placed in well decorated containers will certainly have your guests in awe.

9. Bags:
Women love bags, which naturally makes it the best return gift. Hand bags, potlis, clutches, pouches, and purses do make very good return gifts. You could also try assembling goodie bag filled with a pack of bindi, turmeric, bangles, make-up set, etc.

10. Kids special:
Every wedding is sure to have a bunch of kids. Why not make the little ones happy with a special return gift for them? You could give them a pencil box, a soft toy, lunch box, water bottle etc.

How to choose your wedding return gift?
While the 10 gift ideas enumerated above may help you in choosing one, it is not exhaustive. Several ideas may crop up and it also depends on the financial capabilities of the parties concerned.
• Make a budget for return gifts
• Make a list of guests and classify ladies, gents and children
• Choose gifts for each of the category if your budget allows you or simply pick one common gift. For example, a painting may be an ideal common return gift
• Ask for opinion among family members and friends and go with the popular choice

A wedding is a time to rejoice! And everyone has to admit that a return gift would certainly make them happy. So, when you plan to go shopping for your wedding, make sure to take time off to select the return gift.

Choose your return gifts and order for it well in advance. Yes, it is understood that a wedding would mean inviting guests in large numbers and that naturally translates into large number of return gifts. Therefore, chose the gift, order for it well ahead and have it packed to avoid last minute glitches.

Now that you have an idea about the wedding return gifts, what’s stopping you from selecting the right one? Let your guests leave the wedding venue with a beaming smile!

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