All your guests are there and ready to bid you a grand farewell. This is one of the best times to get wonderful photographs and videos of your wedding with all its vibe. You can make this scene more interesting, fun and creative in many different ways.
We have collected a few ideas to make the wedding exit a splendid moment of your wedding where you can get amazing photographs.

#1 Sparklers
A wedding send-off with sparklers is classic and timeless. If the send-off is in the night, the vibe of sparklers will create a celebration mood for the party.
The guests can lit their sparklers and whirl it slowly. This will look incredibly awesome in your wedding photographs and videos. Creative photographers can create stunning effects out of such a beautiful scene. Remember, you should choose sparklers that would last for several minutes. Otherwise, it will be finished by the time bride and groom leave the place.
Sparkler may not be a good option for daytime.

#2 Bubbles
Blowing the bubbles towards the bride and groom is another way to make the send-off interesting. Unlike other materials, bubbles would float on the air for a few seconds. When dozens of guests blow bubbles, the scene will be full of bubbles. Bubbles reflect vibrant colors, and it would look mesmerizing in the photographs.
Moreover, everyone would enjoy blowing the newlywed; especially kids. However, you should ensure that everyone there has bubble blower they are part of the action. It can make your wedding really fun and creative.

#3 Beach Balls
If you are planning a beach wedding, beach balls can brighten up your send off. As you walk out from the wedding ceremony area, guests can throw beach colorful beach balls to the air. This can make the photographs really interesting.
The blurred (unfocused) beach balls with bright colors would look really great on the background of the photographs.
You should give beach ball for every guest and let them throw the ball up while you walk across the aisle after the wedding. If you are also planning your reception nearby the beach, the beach ball would be useful for the kids to play on the beach in the evening.

#4 Smoke Bombs
Smoke bombs can make your exit dramatic. It can be used in the night as well day. White smoke would be great for the night while it is better to choose a color smoke for the daytime. You need to pick the color of smoke by considering the time, color of light in the scene and major colors in the area.
Unlike bubbles or balls, the use of smoke would be great if it used as a surprise. It can be used by bride and groom, groomsmen or bridesmaids.
However, you should tell the photographer if you are planning to use a smoke bomb. This will help them to be prepared and get ready to take the best photos of the surprise moment. Moreover, you may also get some creative ideas from the photographer that will help you to make the moment even better.

#5 Flower Petals
Tossing flower petals on the bride and groom is another classic way of bidding farewell in the exit. Unlike other materials we mentioned here, a flower toss is traditional; and therefore, guests would find it comfortable. Any color flower can be used for a flower toss.
It would be better if you could arrange dried yet colorful flowers because died flower petals would float in the air for a few seconds than fresh flower petals.
Please choose the lightweight flower petals for a flower toss. Otherwise, all the petals would fall down immediately after the guests toss them.

#6 Confetti
Confetti is very common in big events, games, stage shows and wedding. You might have seen confetti rain while sports team celebrates with the winner’s trophy or in TV shows. Confetti is a great replacement for the glitters because glitters are very difficult to clean up.
It is a great way to transform the mood of the people around there and add color to the event. You can use this for your wedding too. It will be really cool you walk along with your partner through a colorful confetti rain. Everyone at the party would be surprised at the confetti rain, and that will make a great moment for amazing photographs.
Confetti is available in different colors and shapes. You should pick colors that are matching to your wedding color theme and decoration. It is better to avoid big confetti pieces because that is meant for large events.

#7 Glow Sticks
A glow stick is another great object that can be used for a wedding exit at night. You can get glow sticks of different colors or the same color. Then let your guests wave the glow sticks while you exit the wedding ceremony or reception.
You can also glow necklaces instead of glow sticks. Actually, it would be a better choice because your guests and their children may find it useful.

#8 Ribbon Wand
Ribbon wand is another creative way to make the wedding exit fun and exciting. You can get either regular ribbon bands or customized ones with your and your partner’s name printed on it. The names on the ribbon may not be visible on the photographs when they are used by the guests. However, you can take a separate photo of the ribbon wands showing the name on it.
You can tie one or a couple of ribbon on a wand depending on your tastes. The colorful ribbons would look amazing on the photographs.
Instead of ribbon bands, you can also think about pom poms. Get some colorful pom poms for your guests, and they will cheer you up by waving them as you exit the venue.

#9 Balloons
Balloons are another great way to make a wedding exit unique and colorful. There are different kinds of varieties of balloons available in the market. Regular balloons with vibrant colors are enough for the day. For the night, you can think about the LED lighted-up balloons if your budget allows that.
You can make the balloons more unique by tying a narrow ribbon to it.

#10 Lightsabers
You can let your relatives, friends and other guests stand on the two sides of your walk and hold the light sober high as an arch over the trail. It would be magnificent scene you and your partner walking under the arch of lightsabers like war heroes.
Similar to glow necklaces, the lightsaber will be a great wedding return gift for the Star War loving kids of your guests.

These are a few a great techniques to make your wedding a lot more fun, creative, and exciting. Using these techniques, you can create unique moments for best photographs of your wedding.

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