Muslim wedding ceremony is very short and simple compared to customs in other religions. However, most of the time and the ceremony and the reception are held on the same day which makes it a grand event. Therefore, it is important to have to plan the event properly to organize without any issues or troubles.

It’s quite common to forget to do some important things which may ruin the event. Having a checklist will help you to make sure you do everything required to make the event successful. Here is a Muslim wedding ceremony planning checklist to help Muslim guys here plan their wedding properly.

The entire planning can be divided into four stages like pre-planning stage, planning stage, and post-planning stage.


1. Pre-planning Stage

This stage starts immediately after the engagement and it should be finished at least 6 months before the wedding.

You need to discuss with your prospective partner and both families about the ideal wedding in their mind. You have to reach in consensus regarding the date, type of wedding, nature of wedding and things like that.


Initial Discussion between Bride and Groom

Brides and groom have to discuss the ideal wedding in their mind. Everyone would have different dreams about their wedding event. Prospective couples have to share it with each other to make the wedding the way they want.


Initial Discussion between the Families

Families also have different ideas about the nature of the wedding. Parents have dreams about the wedding of their children and it should also be respected.


Plan the Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Families discuss with each other and think about whether to have the wedding ceremony (nikah) and reception on the same day or on different days. Some people would prefer a simple Islamic wedding while some other would want to make it a grand event. It is personal choices and we have to respect the others’ preferences and reach a mutual agreement.

The venue of the event also should be discussed at this stage. When the reception and ceremony are on the same day, the venue of the ceremony can be the wedding hall or the house of the bride.

The venue of the ceremony can be the mosque in the area of either groom or bride or the house of bride if the ceremony is conducted before the reception.



Next, you can discuss the wedding ideas with your friends, relatives or other acquaintances who have already conducted a wedding. Ideas from the experienced people would help you to understand the possible troubles. It can also help you to get an idea of the average cost of a Muslim wedding.

You can search on the internet for creative Islamic wedding ideas.


Explore Date

Next, the date of the wedding has to be fixed. You need to think about dates for both ceremony and reception if they are on different days.


Number of Guests

Next, you need to think about the number of guests. This would help you to find the best wedding halls to accommodate all guests. This is also important to get the estimate from the catering team.


Choose Wedding Menu

The cuisine for a wedding is really important. You need to serve amazing food to your guests. You need to think about a couple of main foods and other side dishes.


Determine the Budget

Based on the type or nature of wedding you planned and the financial condition, you need to make a rough budget for the wedding. You have to make a separate budget for ceremony and reception if you are planning on them different days.


 2. Planning Stage

You should start the actual planning before 2-6 months before the wedding. In this stage, some actions are supposed to do immediately after fixing the date.

After the initial brainstorming, you need to make an exact plan for your wedding. The decisions you make at this stage are very crucial because each decision depends upon others.


Fix the Date and Venue for both Ceremony and Reception

You have to fix an exact date and venues for your ceremony and reception. However, you don’t have to decide the exact timing for various events at this stage.  You can do this just before preparing the invitation.


Hire a Wedding Planner

The assistance of a wedding planner would help you to plan and coordinate everything smoothly. You can handle your responsibility to over a professional who can do everything better than you can do.


Book the Venue

You need to book a wedding hall immediately after fixing the date if you are planning your wedding in a wedding venue. Don’t worry about it if your wedding venue is your home.


Prepare the List of Guests

You have to make a list of guests you want to invite. You have to make sure that everyone important to you is included on the list.  You can discuss the list with your different friends and family members if you have mixed any important person.


Prepare and Send Invitation

You have an idea of the total number of guests now. Now you can go ahead and design a wedding invitation. It is better to make the list of guests and sending the invitation immediately after the date is confirmed. This would give your guests more time to plan.


Book the Decoration Team

You need a decoration team to decorate your venue. You should discuss with your friends and relatives about the best decoration team in your area. You should make sure that the decoration team can embellish the wedding venue the way you want.


Fix the Menu

Next step is deciding the menu. You may have to make different menus for ceremony and reception. You need to have a clear idea of what all are the items you want to serve.


Hire a Catering Team

You also need to book a good catering team who can make the cuisine you have fixed. It is better to ask with friends and relatives if they know any good caterers.


Book a Priest

You need to inform the date of the ceremony (nikah) to the local priest who will preside over the function. It is always better to inform them as soon as the date is fixed so that they can make sure they will be available there.


Book Transportation

You may need additional cars or buses for your wedding. You have to book them as early as possible to get the best vehicles for you.


Hire Professionals


Photographer: You need to find a talented photographer and book them. Before choosing one, you should take a look at their portfolio and should make sure they can deliver the quality you seek.

Makeup Artist or Beautician: Bride and groom and need a personal makeup artist or beautician for the wedding reception day and ceremony. This would ensure that they look beautiful and elegant on their big day.

Wedding Entertainment Team: Wedding entertainment professionals like musicians, DJ or dancers may have a busy schedule in the wedding seasons. You need to approach them as early as possible to make sure they are available on your wedding day.


 3. Post Planning Stage

Post-planning stage is divided into three. There are things that you should at least two weeks before and things you should on the last few days before the wedding.


3.1 Purchase Accessories, Dresses Other Things

You have to make sure everything goes according to the plan. This stage should start 1- 2 months before the wedding.

Now you have made all the important decisions and booked professionals, catering team, venue and other things. Next, you have to make yourself and your family ready for the wedding.


Purchase Dresses

You can purchase dresses for your family members at this stage. Your wedding dress also can be purchased along with this or later. It is better to purchase them later, just a few weeks before the wedding.

You should also purchase other apparels like footwear while purchasing the dress.

If there is a huge gap between the ceremony and reception, you shouldn’t buy the dress for the reception when you buy the dress for the ceremony.


Purchase Ornaments

You can also purchase the ornaments and other accessories. It is better to purchase them at least three weeks before. Otherwise, you may get busy and find it difficult to spend enough time.


Find the Wedding Ring

Next, you have to find a beautiful wedding ring for your prospective partner.  You don’t have to buy this in a hurry because it is for the lifetime. You have to buy one that is unique.


  • A week before the Wedding
  • You need to call and remind your vendors, caterers, professionals, car renters and other people related to the wedding.
  • You should also ensure that wedding decorators are prepared and should start their work as per the agreement.
  • Keep all jewelry, dresses and other accessories in a safe place and you shouldn’t forget where you have kept all those things.



The proper planning and preparation will make you confident. Hosting an event like a wedding would be a headache if it is not planned well. However, sometimes, everything may not come the way you planned or expected. You should be prepared for that mentally which would help you to find solutions quickly.

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