Do you wonder if a destination wedding is right for you? You would have to sacrifice certain things because it is not the conventional way. You need to weigh the pros and cons of a destination wedding before making the final decision.


Probably you are fascinated by the idea of destination wedding because it is interesting but you still don’t have the gut to make a final decision.

Small and Intimate Wedding

You would only invite the closest and most important people to your destination wedding. The number of members would be less than 50 and all you may spend at least 4 days there. All these days, you and your guests can have a few wonderful days together.

Moreover, there is no hassle of organizing a pompous wedding with thousands of guests. A destination wedding is simple and intimate.

Spend Great Time Together

Since the number of guests is less and they already know each other, all of you can have a wonderful time together. All of you would be there for a couple of days and you can spend quality time with your close relatives and friends. This would be a relief for everyone from their boring life. You can also approach a tour planner there and plan a small picnic.

Avoid Clash of Interests

It is quite normal to have different opinions among the families of bride and bridegroom about the wedding ceremony and reception. One family may prefer a small wedding while the other prefers a grand wedding.

This kind of differences in the opinion may create problems between the families and this can be avoided through a destination wedding. In a destination wedding, you have the final word and everything would work the way you want. This would help you to keep the two families in peace.

Avoid Problem Relatives

Everyone has that annoying relative who would be an irritation in every family function. This kind of people may not attend your destination wedding if they don’t truly love you or not committed to you. This would help you to have a peaceful and wonderful wedding.

Honeymoon in the Same City

You are already in a tourist destination and so technically you are on honeymoon as soon you get married. After the wedding, you can spend days in the same city or you can also visit nearby popular destinations. You don’t have to pack again for a honeymoon trip if you have your wedding and honeymoon in the same trip.

You should make sure that there are great honeymoon destinations in or nearby the wedding destination while you chose the wedding venue.

Reduce Cost

We can’t make a comparison between destination wedding vs traditional wedding cost because the cost totally depends on how you want to do it.

The average cost of a destination wedding for guests would be high but the number of guests would be less. As the wedding become smaller the expense also can be reduced. However, this really depends upon you. On one hand you can go for luxury and have a lavish wedding and on the other hand, you can also reduce the cost and organize a wedding with less expense than a normal wedding in the hometown would cost.

Have a Lavish Menu

Since the number of guests is very less, you can think about a lavish menu for your wedding. You can try all sorts of cuisines. Serving many items to the guests in a normal wedding would double the expense but that is not a big deal in the destination wedding.

Great Photo Album

The photos in your wedding photo album would look like the magazine photos. You can avoid the boring background of the wedding hall in your wedding photos. Wedding destinations would have amazing places suitable for photography. You can have candid photographs the newlywed as well as the guests. The venue would be beautiful and every photo in your album would look amazing.


Although there are many benefits of a destination wedding there are also reasons not to have a destination wedding. You have to consider overseas wedding cons seriously because it can have a lot of impact on your later life apart from the momentary joys.

Somebody might Miss the Wedding

Guests would have to take leave from their work for at least 7 days to attend a destination wedding. Probably someone among the invited people may not be able to attend your wedding due to other commitments. Therefore, the chances are high to miss someone you wanted to be there at your wedding very badly.

Can’t Make it a Huge Event

If you are the one wanted to have a huge and pompous wedding with thousands of guests, a destination wedding is not for you. The number of guests at a destination wedding is very limited.

Generally, Indian parents prefer to have such large weddings for their children. They may not appreciate the idea of a small wedding in an unknown place.

Issues with the Relatives

Attending a destination wedding is expensive and requires lots of time. Moreover, some people may not like it due to the travel. Some of your close family members or distant relatives may not like the idea of a destination wedding for some reasons. If you go ahead with your plan and do a destination wedding they might become unfriendly or hostile to you.

You would have to Drop Your Favorite Professionals

You should be disappointed if you really want particular persons to do the make-up for you on the wedding day or do the photography. It’s not economical to take the professionals with you to the destination. You would have to contempt with the local professionals available in the destination. However talented they are, they can’t understand you or your tastes which may disappoint you.

Problems with the Local Vendors

You would not have much idea about the local wedding vendors and caterers you hire. They may not have a very good idea of your requirements and what exactly you want. Sometimes what they provide might not be the one you expected. The chances of misunderstanding between you and your vendors are very high. Besides, sometimes you may be cheated by the vendors because you don’t know who is good and bad. However, this can be avoided by hiring a wedding planner at the destination.

Difficulty of Coordination

It might be difficult to coordinate everything if you chose a remote wedding venue. The transportation and logistics may become a headache. You or your guests may get lost somewhere and need help to get back to the place. If someone is gone missing for a couple of hours, others may get worried since it is an unknown place.

It would be difficult to manage the young ones and they may go outside to explore the place without permission from their parents. There are also chances to fall these guys into some trouble and that may create further headaches.

We hope this quick guide will help you to decide whether destination wedding is right for you or not. Wish you all the best on your wedding planning.

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