A wedding planner is to help you plan and coordinate your wedding the way you want. The wedding ceremony and reception should mesmerize your guests with unique style and decoration. You need to hire a wedding a planner who understands your ideas, dreams and work based on that.

A wedding planner would have lots of ideas because they have years of experience in the field. They may give you some ideas to make the wedding a grand event and we expect this from them. However, you should avoid a wedding planner if he/she tries to convince you cliché ideas over your ideas. It means they don’t understand what you want. It is not an easy job to find a perfect wedding planner for your wedding. We got a few tips to find the best wedding planner based on unique requirements.

How Do You Find the Perfect Wedding Planner for Your Wedding?

There are so many wedding planners out there and it is difficult to get the right one for you. The best way to the right one for you would be by word of mouth. Ask your friends and relatives if they have hired a wedding planner or attended a wedding which was planned and organized by a wedding planner. If they have seen a wedding planner coordinated a wedding successfully, you better choose them.

Past performance is definitely the best tool to scale anyone and so you can’t go wrong with your decision if you find a wedding planner this way. There is additional question you need to ask the wedding planner before hiring them.

You can use the internet to shortlist a few wedding planners. You have to remember that the rating and reviews on different websites about particular companies can’t be trusted. After shortlisting a few you can contact them and check how was their previous works.

What questions should I ask before hiring a wedding planner?

After close evaluation, if you have liked a particular wedding planner, you have to ask them some question to make sure they are best for you because people have different requirements and you have to make sure they meet your requirement.

You can ask the following questions to the wedding planner before you finalize the company.

1. Are you available on this date?

If you have already fixed the date of your wedding, the first thing you have to ask a wedding planner is whether they are available on the date. If not, there is no need for further conversation. If you don’t ask this first, you may lose your valuable time.

2. What is the list of services you provide?

Ask them what all are the services they provide so you can plan accordingly. Most of the wedding planning companies offer complete solutions however, you have to make sure. The major services include

  • Wedding venue
  • Catering
  • Decoration
  • Coordination
  • Photography/video
  • Makeup
  • Vendors and logistics
  • Transportation

If they don’t provide particular service, that should be noted down and you can use them to compare different wedding planners. Sometimes, you may not need services like photography and makeup because you may already have a trusted professional.

Coordination is another important factor you have to consider. You have to make sure there will be staff to coordinate everything and find instant solutions for problems that may arise. It is recommended to have a dedicated staff to deal with different professionals and workers and take care of various things related to the event.

3. What is the average cost of weddings you organized?

If you are on a controlled budget, you can ask them if they can organize the wedding within your budget. If you don’t have an idea of your budget, then ask them about their average cost.

Some professional companies would have a list of packages with fixed features. However, most of the wedding planners in Chennai are flexible and can add or remove any service the client wants. Initially, you have to make an idea of the number of guests and food. Then ask them a quote based on that. This would give you an idea of the total cost.

Some wedding planners would help you reduce the expenses using clever tips. So ask your wedding planner if they can do that for you.

4. How many staff would work for my wedding?

The number of staffs required would vary based on the list of services they offer and your budget. It would be a better idea to ask them how many ask would be there to deal with each service. This would help you to make sure everything would go fine.

5. Do you have any trusted vendors? Is there any chance of getting discounts?

Wedding planners would have associations with vendor and professionals and so, ask them if they have any preferred vendors. Knowing this would help you to avoid further stress to choose vendors. Sometimes, they can get you some discount from the vendors since they are regular clients. This would help you reduce expenses again.

6. Is there an opportunity to test your food before finalizing the menu?

You want to serve the best food your guests and you may choose unique items that you didn’t have tasted before. Your wedding planners may offer the catering service for whatever menu you gave them.

The problem with this is that you don’t know how well they cook. In such cases, it would be useful if you get an opportunity to test the food before you finalize the menu.

7. Do you have any references?

Before signing the agreement, it is a good idea to talk with their previous clients. There is nothing wrong with asking a wedding planner for references. Contact the references and ask their feedback about the wedding planner. You can ask them questions like

  • Did the wedding planner stick to the budget?
  • Did they help you fulfill your dreams?
  • How well they take care of the coordination?
  • Did they hire good professionals for you?
  • Did he help you with ideas to give a unique style to the wedding?
  • These questions would help you to make sure the wedding planner is good enough for you.

These are a few tips to make sure you hire the best wedding planner for you. Unlike freelancers, large wedding planning companies can usually manage all kinds of weddings because they have wide range of resources and professionals.

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