Some people prefer vintage cars to luxury cars because vintage cars are a great way to add both luxury and classic style to a wedding. Your wedding cars are not mere means of transportation. It is about your style and personality. Wedding cars are an opportunity to add style and elegance to your wedding.

The best way to add royal style to a wedding in Chennai would be using vintage cars for your wedding. The legacy of the cars can communicate the legacy and rich tradition of your family.

We arrange any sort of transportation for the wedding including classic and vintage cars. We have associations with renters across Tamil Nadu and we can get you vintage cars in unique style. You can find modern and luxury cars, but a vintage car would give a different style to the wedding. It makes the wedding more interesting.

Affordable Rates

You just let us know what types of car do you prefer and we can arrange them for your wedding in Chennai. We have connections with luxury and vintage car rental services and so we can get you them for a discounted price for you.

Since we are regular customers of most of the car renters in Chennai, we get the cars for special rates. This way you can save some money. Additionally, there will be a special consideration while charging for additional hours.

Wide Variety of Models

The perfect vehicle for your wedding depends on your tastes and budget. We got a wide range of models; so you can travel on your favorite model with your better half on your wedding day. We have Rolls Royce from 1950s and Jaguar from the 1960s. Or you can choose Mercedes Benz.

If you are planning a classic theme wedding, you can old royal style Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz. We can help you choose the right car based on the theme or style of your wedding.

It is not that easy to find a vintage vehicle you like. You would have to search for weeks to find a vintage car suitable for you and your wedding. Here is where we come to your rescue. We can get vintage models of BMW, Mercedes Bens, Auston, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Morris and many more. Sometime, it might be difficult to get your favorite vintage car if your wedding is impending. However, we have resources to help you get them for you.

Car Decoration

We also decorate the car with flowers and other decorative items. We will help you boost the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle and make it look elegant and royal. We will arrange florists to decorate your special vintage car and other cars for families and guests.

Sometimes, there might be some limitations to decorate a vintage car but we know perfect ways to decorate them. We would make it enchanting and everyone would say wow seeing your special wedding vintage car.

The possibilities of decorating an open roof car are limitless and hence. Sometimes, over decorating a vintage car would ruin its beauty because the decoration may take the attention away from the car. We know how to deal with these kinds of issues and decorate it in the right way. Our decoration would emphasize what should be emphasized.

What Factors to Consider

You will have to consider many factors while choosing the perfect vintage vehicle for your wedding. It is not wise to use open roof cars for a long drive. Unlike in western countries, the temperature in Tamil Nadu is would be very high which would cause you some troubles if you travel in an open roof car for a longer time.

It is true that open roof cars are more popular for weddings but it is not good for the weather in Tamil Nadu. The best way to avoid this would be using the car for going to wedding reception party in the evening. In this kind of situations, a convertible car would be the best choice since it can be used in both ways.

Another important factor would be the nature of the roads. Sometimes, you may have to go through small roads which would make it difficult to manage the long vehicles. Vintage vehicles are not that much good rough roads because modern vehicles are more sophisticated than a vintage vehicle to deal with rough roads.

You can’t drive some vintage vehicles faster than a particular limit which will be a problem if you have to travel a long distance. You will have to fix the timing based on this factor. However, you won’t have to worry about all these things because we will do all the planning for the wedding.

You may find it difficult to drive huge vehicles on some roads or sometimes the parking may become a nightmare. We would check and find all possible troubles to choose the perfect vehicle. We consider your requirements and logistics factors before choosing the vehicle. We have years of experience in consulting couples to get the right vintage cars for their wedding. You may get in trouble when you choose a vehicle without considering important factors. Vintage vehicles are old and it may have some limitations. You need to understand the limitation in order to avoid any possible troubles.

We can arrange vintage cars for any wedding venues in Chennai. We will show you the options based on your preferences and style. You can shortlist a few of them and we would take you to see the vehicle. If you have selected one, we will bring that one on your wedding day.

You don’t have to worry about any formalities, driver or anything like that. If you want to find one by your own you may have to spend days searching for them. You have many other things to do and we think you don’t have to waste your time on this when we can do this for you. We will make it everything simple for you.

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